What matters to you, matters to me

You’ve worked hard all your life and been fortunate too. You’ve saved and invested and it has given you opportunities and freedom. Now protecting what you’ve accumulated has taken on more importance.

You believe in paying your share but you also want to keep all you can of your hard-earned money. Maybe you want to create an income for yourself or someone you love. Whatever your goals, they matter to you. That means they matter to me. 

Spending time understanding what’s important to you and why means I can better represent your interests and build your confidence in the future.

Financial matters are more complex today than ever. They include a ream of rules and regulations, solutions as unique as the people who use them, and where similar actions result in different consequences. It’s hard for one person to keep up. So it helps when you have a professional who is dedicated to your needs with access to the best and brightest experts in all financial disciplines.

My role is to advocate on your behalf at every stage, in every consideration, and to understand the impact of decisions as we work to achieve your goals.

In the end, I’m accountable to you and your family and no one else. I also believe that if I do right by you, we both win. You get to live the life that matters to you and I get to help you get there.

Let’s get started on building your financial future.

Jean-Francois Droz, CIM
Associate Portfolio Manager
& Investment Advisor