Administrative Assistant
Linh Tran-MacDonaldJames Tran-MacDonald, BComm and Mackenzie Brown
Linh, James, and Mackenzie are your primary point of contact at the Tingley Mahoney Cyr Group.  Assisting with the daily management of client needs, they respond to queries and requests, liaising with the team behind the scenes.  They prepare all materials for portfolio reviews and new accounts, and conduct day-to-day transactions, from transfer tracking to monitoring transfers, to electronic funds transfers for deposits and withdrawals for our clients. Linh, James, and Mackenzie maintain up-to-date client documentation, issue actionable items after client meetings and are always available to assist clients with Wealth Management Online. During tax season, they compile tax information requests for clients and accountants.

Team Operations Manager
Angela Stuart
Our Team Operations Manager has dual roles of proactive customer service specialist and team administrator. Angela coordinates and maintains the customer contact schedule for investment reviews and wealth planning for all insurance, estate and financial planning meetings and follow-ups, and ensures that all necessary financial documentation is collected from clients following these meetings. During tax season, she sees to it that all necessary RRSP and TFSA contributions are made.

In addition, Angela coordinates all team events and liaises with branch management for all daily administrative, human resource and compliance matters while overseeing the implementation of any head office projects.

Senior Associate
Joe Linthorne, BComm
Under the direction of the Portfolio Managers, Joe facilitates the building and maintenance of all portfolios, ensuring that asset mixes stay within targeted ranges, rebalancing portfolios, monitoring cash balances and managing all necessary trades. He also maintains and updates our team website and works on special projects relating to team efficiency.

Associate Advisor
Melanie Price, CIM and Ryan BeLong
Our Associate Advisors support the Portfolio Managers by responding to detailed client requests including financial projections, investment and market research, as well as complex account calculations when required. They also follow up on actionable items from our financial plans, insurance and Will and estate reviews. 

Working closely with our accountants, Melanie and Ryan manage the appropriate distribution of tax information throughout the year to meet corporate and personal yearend deadlines. In addition, they manage other complex requests from the team, support the building of client portfolios and assist with trades when needed. They also support the Portfolio Managers with research and investment selection.

Associate Wealth and Investment Advisor
Jessica Berry, CFP, CIM and Ryan Reid, CPA, CIM
Our Associate Wealth and Investment Advisors are essentially relationship managers, supporting clients on their financial path. Directly responsible for client families, Jessica and Ryan get to know you, your lifestyle and your goals. They will routinely conduct proactive and comprehensive investment portfolio and wealth management reviews – meaning financial plans, insurance and Will and estate planning – and are additionally available for time-sensitive support as circumstances change or milestones are met.

Portfolio Manager and Investment and Wealth Advisor
Jeff Mahoney, CPA, CA, CFP, CIM and Philippe Cyr, CFP, CIM
Partners in the Tingley Mahoney Cyr Group, Jeff and Philippe are directly responsible for establishing and fostering client relationships. To provide the best wealth management and advising for client families, they routinely conduct proactive investment portfolio and wealth management reviews, covering financial plans, insurance and Will and estate planning. In addition, due to the variable nature of wealth and life planning, Jeff and Phil provide time-sensitive support as circumstances change or milestones are met. Jeff and Phil are also always committed to providing assistance to all clients if and when required.

Beyond the above, Jeff is primarily responsible for the individual investments within our PIM portfolios, determined through consultation and critical analysis with Phil and Howard and supported by an associate Advisor.  Phil, meanwhile, holds a lead role in human resource management.

Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor
Howard Tingley, BBA, CIM
Howard Tingley is not only Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor at the Tingley Mahoney Cyr Group – he’s also the founder. Responsible for the company’s overall service excellence, Howard is overarchingly responsible for client satisfaction and provided services. To ensure the high standard of customer service and portfolio management our families have grown to expect, Howard has assembled a team and developed their roles based on a work model he created, called Wealth of Life. Howard also oversees the important ongoing task of compliance, which requires reviewing client account information, including all new account inputs and ensuring the plans we formulate fit the investment policy for that account. On the lighter side, Howard is passionate about the team’s marketing strategies, contributing to newsletters, webpage and brochures.

Most importantly, Howard continuously works to cultivate client relationships, helping families reach their financial goals. Afterall, it’s what brings the most value and purpose to what we do.