Joint Accounts -- Understanding Your Options

Jun 07, 2021 |Stephanie Woo
As part of the estate planning process, individuals will often consider establishing a joint account with their spouse, adult children or other family members. Sometimes, this is done as a tool for expediency so that a joint account holder can help to...
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Mortgage Insurance? Let's review the right choice to protect your family and your home

Feb 23, 2021 |Stephanie Woo
When buying a new home or property, sometimes it gets overwhelming with all the decisions you need to make and so many documents you've signed that you may want to review things once the dust settles. Mortgage insurance, for example. Is that really the...
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Women and Wealth Transfer

May 10, 2020 |Stephanie Woo
Women are playing an increasingly critical role in the managing and the transfer of family wealth. Are you and your children prepared? Did you know ... Only 41% of mothers are confident their children would be able to grow their wealth if they inherited...
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Fraud Awareness -- It's Paramount to Protect Yourself

Dec 02, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Year over year, incidents of fraud and identity theft continue to rise so knowing how to protect yourself is paramount. New scams involving emails, texts, phone calls and fake websites are all made to seem legitimate. A recent RBC & Ipsos survey found...
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10 key decisions to maximize your personal and business wealth

Jul 23, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Whether you’re already a business owner or thinking about becoming one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications. Our team offers a guide explaining ten key decisions for wherever you may be, on your challenging and rewarding business...
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Enhance and Preserve Your Corporate Wealth

Jul 13, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Building a business is not easy. Learn about one of the strategies where we can help enhance and preserve the wealth you have built in your corporation. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO Let's explore your options. Contact Stephanie Woo at 604.257.3234 to discuss how...
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Let's Get Organized!!

May 25, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Have you noticed that when you start getting busy with life, your career, your family, or your business; things start getting complicated. Are you like many individuals and families who have not started thinking about or documenting your estate plan?...
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Three things every inheritor should know

May 07, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
With the largest wealth transfer in generations, many should review their inheritance planning. Help ease the inheritance experience for your heirs by sharing the objectives of your estate plan in advance. We encourage you to review these three things...
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Is your Will up to date? Are your heirs prepared?

Jan 22, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Grieving the death of a loved one is often a painful and emotional process. When the death is tragic and unexpected, aspects of that process can become even more complicated. Settling an estate can include more than 70 individual tasks, ranging from funeral...
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2018 Year End Tax Planning Article

Oct 15, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
As year-end approaches, taking some time to review your financial affairs may yield significant tax savings. To ensure that you leave no stone unturned, we have summarized some common year-end tax planning strategies in this article. Click to read: 2018...
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