Fraud Awareness -- It's Paramount to Protect Yourself

Jan 14, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
Year over year, incidents of fraud and identity theft continue to rise so knowing how to protect yourself is paramount.    New scams involving emails, texts, phone calls and fake websites are all made to seem legitimate. A recent RBC & Ipsos survey found...
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Decluttering to Reduce Stress

Jan 08, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
As we enter a brand new year, many will make resolutions.  Have you found that with your every day busy life, your home may be more cluttered than you would like?   Learn 4 ways of Tidying Up that can help you reduce the stress and anxiety in your home...
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Eating for Brain Health

Jan 03, 2019 |Stephanie Woo
As many of us are concerned about what we put into our bodies to keep healthy, have you considered what foods would be better for your brain health as we age?   Learn more in this Globe and Mail article
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Optimizing the Tax Efficiency of Your Charitable Donations

Nov 01, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
Many Canadians are charitably minded, however this can be a very personal matter.  Some want to give, but think their gift is too small. Some want to give and want to stay anonymous.  Others want to give but want to take some time to decide before funding...
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Key Person Insurance -- Important for Business Owners

Oct 30, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
It's not uncommon for businesses to rely on a single or a few key people for the successful operation of the company. Would your business be impacted if one of the partners or key employees passed away or became unable to work? Would you have the sufficient...
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2018 Year End Tax Planning Article

Oct 14, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
As year-end approaches, taking some time to review your financial affairs may yield significant tax savings. To ensure that you leave no stone unturned, we have summarized some common year-end tax planning strategies in this article.   Click to read:...
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Global Insight Monthly

Aug 29, 2018 |Stephanie Woo

Our Global Insight Monthly offers perspectives from the Global Portfolio Advisory Committee on a variety of different topics.

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Financial Planning Checklist for Seniors

Jul 16, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
There are many tax, investment and estate planning strategies available throughout an individual's lifetime, but there are also some that are more relevant for seniors or that apply specifically to those age 65 and over. Review this checklist and feel...
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Have you adjusted your portfolio's asset mix lately?

Jun 11, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
I'm proud that my investment approach offers my clients the knowledge that an independent, objective and unbiased research and analysis is done on their behalf.  The investment options and research we use includes those from the best in class of the global...
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Let's Get Organized!!

Jun 05, 2018 |Stephanie Woo
Have you noticed that when you start getting busy with life, your career, your family, or your business; things start getting complicated.  Are you like many individuals and families who have not started thinking about or documenting your estate plan?...
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