You have worked hard for your money and you now wish to protect your family and corporate wealth.

A key element is to find the right financial institution and the right Wealth Management team to help you achieve that result.

A good starting point is to choose a fully licensed investment advisor team such as The Racine-Marcotte Advisory Group at RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities. Our mandate is to listen to your needs and objectives, design a solid financial approach solution and regularly review your progress by bringing discipline to your portfolio. Your portfolio will also benefit from the protection of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund CIPF*.

Key events in this stage of life between the ages of 60s to 70s could include your retirement, taking advantage of your stock options, the sale of your home or your secondary home and the initiation of the transfer of your business or wealth to the next generation.

We have the expertise to help you during each of the stages of life and we would like to share with you some of the documents and links in our toolbox: