The Highest Credentials at your service

A trusted source for personal and corporate Wealth Management, Private Wealth Management gives you the time and the freedom to pursue what’s important to you, confident in the knowledge that your wealth is being managed by a team of professionals you know and trust - The Racine-Marcotte Advisory Group’s Family and Corporate Private Investment Management team at RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities.

With Private Investment Management, you can sit down with your own portfolio management team to discuss your personal and corporate needs and have access to the same tools that an institutional account would have access to. Your portfolio is privately managed with the help of your personal dedicated managers according to your personal profile, specific goals and objectives. Your individual situation dictates the way your portfolio will be managed. Because you have a personal relationship with your Portfolio Management team, your portfolio can more accurately reflect your individual needs and goals on an ongoing basis. It’s this mutual understanding that makes Private Investment mamagement so unique.

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