Our Investment Philosophy :
Bringing Discipline to your Investment Portfolio

The RBC Wealth Management Dominion Seurities' Strategy Committee provides a disciplined approach and a rigorous quarterly review process to managing your portfolio. It helps your portfolio stay well diversified with high quality companies and is structured to fit our current economic outlook. While most portfolio managers rely on only one financial analysis approach, the Strategic Committee takes into account the top-down economic analysis and bottom-up company screening process. The RBC Wealth Management Strategy Committee, comprised of senior investment professionals, makes regular forecasts on key macroeconomic variables including interest rates, economic and earnings growth and prevailing valuations of equity markets. The committee then makes recommendations on the number of companies your portfolio should hold in each major sector. A good sector diversification and distribution is often more profitable than trying to invest into one prospective ‘'gem'' corporation.


  • Ensures that the focus is on the entire portfolio, not solely the individual companies within.
  • Provides a sell discipline that helps you make decisive and timely buy or sell decisions as markets change.
  • Brings a business-like approach to a task that is too often emotionally driven.
  • Lets you know in advance what action to take if things unfold in an unexpected way.
  • Forces you to deal with negative developments promptly.
  • Adapts the portfolio to a changing environment.
  • Ensures the portfolio always owns companies that meet high standards and is structured to reflect RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities’ assessment of which market sectors offer attractive potential.