A History of our Client Communications

The "Our Blog" section of this site is a historical catalogue of our personally written weekly client emails.  Clients might find this database to be a useful reference, while visitors and potential clients might like to review the consistency and depth of our general messaging.  Weekly updates from December 2018 forward to present day are currently available.  Older vintages will be added as we're able.



Parts of the Market are Now in Official "Correction" Territory - Opportunity?

Jan 21, 2022 |Nick Scholte

Absent the credible threat of recession, and for investors with a time horizon beyond the short-term, the answer is "yes".

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Let's Look at RBC's 7-Point Recessionary Scorecard

Jan 14, 2022 |Nick Scholte

Message? Recession is Nowhere in Sight.

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The Fed Takes a Hawkish Turn Just as Economic Data Starts to Slow (Although it's Still Strong)

Jan 07, 2022 |Nick Scholte

The Fed indicates it will remove accommodation and raise interest rates more aggressively than previously suggested. The market had a challenging week as a result. But is the Fed taking this action just as inflationary pressures begin to ease?

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Happy Holidays, and Final Thoughts in 2021 as Omicron and Fed Policy Vie for Attention

Dec 17, 2021 |Nick Scholte

At this juncture, neither are sufficient individually or in combination to threaten recession.

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As Omicron Fears Subside, Let's Look Ahead to 2022

Dec 10, 2021 |Nick Scholte

In short - 2022 should be a year of moderating trends, though still offering solid prospects for the economy and investment portfolios. Volatility might be uncomfortable.

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In a Volatile Week, Omicron May Not Have Been the Main Driver of Turbulence

Dec 03, 2021 |Nick Scholte

No, I suspect it was Jerome Powell and the U.S. Federal Reserve that triggered much of the volatility - a "taper tantrum" if you will.

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A New Covid variant of Concern - "Omicron"

Nov 26, 2021 |Nick Scholte

Its too early to make any declarative statements, but modest defensive measures were taken just in case.

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The Economy Continues to Surge But, Sadly, So Does Covid

Nov 19, 2021 |Nick Scholte

The economy remains just fine thank you. But covid cases are rising, and Austria re-instituted a national lockdown. However, even if covid surges further into the holiday season, the good news is that economies have well-adapted to the challenge.

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Exceptional Economic News and a Possible End to the Pandemic?

Nov 05, 2021 |Nick Scholte

The collective reading of this week's three major economic indicators may have been the best I've seen in my career. Combined with phenomenal news from Pfizer on a new covid treatment, and markets have taken the cue to move to new highs.

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Corporate Earnings are, So Far, Proving "Good Enough"; and a Portfolio Adjustment

Oct 29, 2021 |Nick Scholte

Supply constraints are real, but corporations are adjusting reasonably well. Also, United Health Group was trimmed back after a strong surge in the share price toward RBC's target price.

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