A History of our Client Communications

The "Our Blog" section of this site is a historical catalogue of our personally written weekly client emails.  Clients might find this database to be a useful reference, while visitors and potential clients might like to review the consistency and depth of our general messaging.  Weekly updates from December 2018 forward to present day are currently available.  Older vintages will be added as we're able.



As Has Been the Case For Some Time Now, We are Underweight Equities and Defensively Positioned; Opportunity Will Come, But a Retest of Recent Lows and Possible Newer Lows is Our Base Case

Mar 27, 2020 |Nick Scholte

Even if the U.S. is "opened back up" by Easter (not likely in our opinion), the changes in consumer behavior will be lasting and profound. These will suppress the vigor of the recovery. That said, monetary and fiscal stimulus measures are massive.

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It's Not Time to Buy

Mar 20, 2020 |Nick Scholte

The Covid-19 pandemic will get worse before it gets better. Economists continue to be playing catch-up with a crisis developing much faster than their models can handle. Again, I choose to listen to the scientists at this time.

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Special Update: Economists are Dithering; I Choose to Listen to the Scientists

Mar 17, 2020 |Nick Scholte

And scientific opinion seems to suggest the current pandemic crisis will continue longer than most believe.

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The Goal of Social Distancing; the Anticipated Impact Upon the Economy; and the Portfolio Strategy I Envision

Mar 13, 2020 |Nick Scholte

Defensive measures are, and have been, in place for some time now; lets look forward a bit.

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Special Update: Summary of Defensive Measures Taken and Road Ahead

Mar 12, 2020 |Nick Scholte

In my opinion, recession is now a certainty. As long suggested, defensive measures would be taken in the case of credible and imminent threat of recession. I have followed-through on this pledge.

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As Expected, the Fed Made an Emergency Rate Cut; As Promised, More Defensive Measures Were Taken on the Positive Market Response

Mar 06, 2020 |Nick Scholte

Coronavirus driven volatility is at an extreme. While recession is not a certainty, it is both a credible and imminent threat.

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