A History of our Client Communications

The "Our Blog" section of this site is a historical catalogue of our personally written weekly client emails.  Clients might find this database to be a useful reference, while visitors and potential clients might like to review the consistency and depth of our general messaging.  Weekly updates from December 2018 forward to present day are currently available.  Older vintages will be added as we're able.



The Media Loves Negative Headlines, and There are Lots to Choose From

Dec 21, 2018 |Nick Scholte

But many very informed opinions (other than my own) suggest a recession is not imminent and that 2019 GDP growth is expected to be GREATER than the post 2008 average!

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The Message Remains the Same - No Imminent Recession Threat

Dec 14, 2018 |Nick Scholte

... so I continue to position clients to ride out this corrective event. Further, technical analysis suggests that the markets are due for a potential rally into year end

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That Markets are in the Midst of an Uncomfortable Correction is Self-Evident, But A Meaningfull Recovery in 2019 Should Ensue

Dec 07, 2018 |Nick Scholte

More to the point, a recession does not appear imminent; the current slowdown is just that, a slowdown from unsustainably high levels of tax-cut fueled growth, and not a reversal of course

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