A History of our Client Communications

The "Our Blog" section of this site is a historical catalogue of our personally written weekly client emails.  Clients might find this database to be a useful reference, while visitors and potential clients might like to review the consistency and depth of our general messaging.  Weekly updates from December 2018 forward to present day are currently available.  Older vintages will be added as we're able.



Will the Delta Variant Derail the Recovery? I Think Not

Jul 30, 2021 |Nick Scholte

Meanwhile, Canada is now among the top handful of countries in terms of total vaccine distribution.

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Corporate Earnings Poised to Hit New Record

Jul 23, 2021 |Nick Scholte

Yes, the economic rebound has been strong. But stronger still have been the corporate results and forward guidance.

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How Transitory is Inflation?

Jul 16, 2021 |Nick Scholte

"Pandemic Idiosyncrasies" - much of which appear to be automobile related - account for nearly all of the very elevated month-over-month inflation measure. Underlying inflation looks broadly in line with the past 25 year average.

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How Does Nick Scholte Make His Decisions?

Jul 09, 2021 |Nick Scholte

My weekly client updates are written by myself and represent my own, independent, thoughts. Not surprisingly though, I am heavily supported by a number of research platforms both internal and external to RBC.

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Strong Economic Data Continues

Jul 02, 2021 |Nick Scholte

Reflecting this strength, all six individual indicators in RBC Dominion Securities' proprietary 'Recession Scorecard' are solidly "flashing green" for the economy.

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