A History of our Client Communications

The "Our Blog" section of this site is a historical catalogue of our personally written weekly client emails.  Clients might find this database to be a useful reference, while visitors and potential clients might like to review the consistency and depth of our general messaging.  Weekly updates from December 2018 forward to present day are currently available.  Older vintages will be added as we're able.



The Yield Curve Finally Inverts, and This Important Economic Indicator Leads Us to Implement a Roughly 5% Reduction in Client Equity Weightings

Mar 22, 2019 |Nick Scholte

Overall, this week's 5% reduction combined with last October's 5% reduction still leaves client portfolios modestly overweight their long-term equity (stock) target

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Another Up Week for Stock Markets, and the Exgregious Excesses of the Late 2018 Sell-off Have Been Recovered

Mar 15, 2019 |Nick Scholte

From this point forward, I'd expect the up-trend in investment markets to begin moderating

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The U.S. Employment Report Vastly Missed Expectations

Mar 08, 2019 |Nick Scholte

This is the third sub 50,000 reading in employment gains since 2016. The prior two episodes were worse, and did not derail the economic expansion. That said, a notable miss of expectations such as this bears scrutiny and has my attention

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In Testimony Before Congress, Fed Chair Jerome Powell Continues to Suggest No More Rate Increases

Mar 01, 2019 |Nick Scholte

The Fed Chair's messaging remains consistent, as does our message - there is no imminent threat of recession

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