The Nass Wealth Management Approach

Our personal wealth management process brings discipline and structure to clients whose financial lives are fragmented across several institutions and investment managers, who have complex needs for their wealth (intergenerational wealth transfer, business succession planning, etc.) and who prefer to invest using a documented Investment Policy Statement.

As part of RBC Dominion Securities, our practice also benefits from an extensive global network of investment managers and wealth management specialists, who for suitable clients will provide:

  • Financial planning to create comprehensive wealth plans integrating your needs today with your goals for tomorrow: retirement income, education savings, insurance and business planning

  • Will and estate consultation to review and assess concerns with larger estates: tax efficiency, estate transfer, vacation home planning and philanthropy

  • Insurance review to identify and address gaps in investment, health care and estate preservation

With our combined experience of over 50 years, we have been through several market cycles, we have built an extensive network of RBC and external partners who may assist our clients with personal or business banking, estate planning, risk assessment and insurance review, as well as tax planning, cross-border planning and domestic and international trust services.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our practice and how we can work together.

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Wealth Management Process

Financial Planning

Our process starts with building your financial roadmap.  Clients benefit from a detailed plan that establishes investment, tax-planning and insurance strategies to help them achieve their financial goals. This discovery portion of the wealth management process is key in identifying the most critical issues that need to be addressed.

Risk Discussion

We discuss risks in building your personal investment portfolio which will take into context the needs that have come out of your financial planning work.   We will discuss different return objectives, to meet the goals and define the risk required.  Your views will be discussed and together we will build out the investment plan around the financial goals and your views on risk.

Investment Proposal

Based on the needs and objectives identified in the Financial Plan and from detailed conversations and meetings with you, the Nass Wealth Management team will construct an investment portfolio that is as unique as your situation. Whether you are planning for retirement or already reaping the rewards of retirement, the Nass Wealth Management team can help you reach your growth/income goals.

Insurance Review

Our Estate Planning Specialist will work with you to assess your needs and introduce strategies to meet those objectives. Insurance is about more than just a life insurance policy. It can help you preserve your wealth and protect your family from unexpected financial burdens arising from critical illness or accidents. It can even build wealth and contribute to your estate plans.

Wills & Estate Review

A one-on-one session with Grace Lai will help identify and address your various estate planning concerns. A summary of your meeting along with actionable recommendations provides you with the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Investment Policy Statement

This is the blueprint for the construction of your investment portfolio. Your Investment Policy Statement documents both your financial circumstances and your profile as an investor.

Ongoing Service

The Nass Wealth Management team prides itself on its strong commitment to service. Always accessible, they make great efforts to provide you with timely information and regular updates on your portfolio and the markets.

Through client events during the year, the team website, and email/phone contact as required, clients can take comfort in knowing that the Nass Wealth Management team is working hard to ensure communications flows are smooth.

Regular Reviews

As your needs and the markets evolve, regular reviews ensure that your plan remains an effective tool in achieving your objectives. As your financial situation changes, so will the strategies that are employed.

Bringing in the Experts

As your lead financial professional on the management of your financial plan, we work very closely with your other professionals to ensure your plan objectives will be met.   We also have an extensive professional network at your disposal to assist you in meeting your other needs if you do not have those in place already including accounting, legal, real estate, banking.

Every person’s situation and wealth management needs are different. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your needs.


RBC Dominion Securities received the highest overall rating among all bank-owned investment firms in Canada in 2019

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