David Agnew, CEO, RBC Wealth Management Canada

At RBC Dominion Securities, we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive wealth management experience that is tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Nass Rae Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities in Richmond shares our commitment to a high level of service and care, working closely with clients to create customized wealth management solutions to achieve their clients’ goals and provide them peace of mind.

Alan Rae and Sandra Nass are trusted advisors with more than 50 years of combined experience with RBC Dominion Securities. In addition to providing their clients with a Financial Roadmap, they offer investment solutions that include discretionary management and option trading as well as wealth planning services including insurance solutions.

RBC Dominion Securities has been providing professional wealth management advice to affluent and high net worth Canadians since 1901. By choosing to work with Alan, Sandra and their team, you benefit from the stability of a large global organization while maintaining the personal connection and accountability of a small entrepreneurial team.


Rob Wiens

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Alan, Sandra and team for over 9 years. The result has been a comprehensive financial plan supported by excellent results. Sandra's addition and partnership with Alan has only strengthened the team and offering. The big picture perspective, individual plan and personal touch Alan and Sandra employ to each portfolio makes the difference. Being a CFO with a financial background, I have high expectations and the team has met the challenge. Together we have built a comprehensive asset allocation, minimized fees and planned for the future whether it be retirement planning, RESP's, wills planning and life insurance. As the years have passed, we have adjusted our plan as needed. The dollar cost averaging employed is paying off - it's easy to be happy when the market is going up, but much of the value comes when the bear market rears its head and Alan/Sandra will steer you in the right direction. Looking forward to more successes together in the next 10 years and beyond.

Patricia Silver

Sandra Nass has been my financial planner for over 30 years with good reason. I have total faith in her financial acumen, and over the years, my portfolio has made substantial gains with Sandra at the helm. She is knowledgeable, responsive, honest and hard working.  I’ve referred Sandra to many family members and friends because of this, and they too are thrilled with her work. Sandra also manages my daughter and son-in-law’s portfolio and appreciates the challenge of family dynamics with humour and integrity, as she shapes our financial growth into dynamic portfolios.

In the last few years, Sandra Nass and her team have overseen the estate of our family business, helping us to navigate the tax complexities and saving us thousands of dollars. We will always be grateful for her time and perseverance in dealing with this challenge.

Above all, Sandra is a caring, thoughtful person and this shines through in her work ethics. She genuinely is interested in our family; she is a talented advisor and a charitable human being. And she wears really nice shoes!


Jim Clark

I was directed to Nass Rae Wealth Management some 25 years ago. I was immediately impressed by the entire staff. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to meet my objectives. Sandra Nass has recently joined Alan and his group to form a formidable team with broad experience, including USA investing. I have no hesitation in referring them to others who may be looking for client-focused financial advice.

Dan Jeannotte

We have been clients of Alan Rae for over 17 years and have been totally satisfied with the comprehensive plan developed by his Team and the guidance received with many changing issues and conditions over the years.

After retiring and selling our family business Alan exposed us to several aspects of our retirement needs including financial, insurance and estate planning issues and made available the expertise needed to ensure our needs were fulfilled.  Recently however, he has augmented his Wealth Management Team skill set, by the addition of an extremely talented financial planner, Sandra Nass.

Due to a recent change in a family situation we were fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with her and explain our challenges.  Sandra quickly and thoroughly analysed our situation and presented us with a choice of resourceful solutions that not only were completely suitable, but also tax effective.

This new breadth of intellect and professional experience offered by Sandra Nass in partnership with Alan Rae and other members of this team provide us with individual client care that will be difficult to surpass.  We heartily endorse the Alan Rae & Sandra Nass Wealth Management Team.


Gary Otte

I was very impressed with Sandra Nass the first time that I met with her. This was very soon after she and Alan Rae started working together and I particularly appreciated her approach during the meeting. It was much more thorough than the “hello-nice-to-meet-you” session that I was expecting. Although she was obviously very familiar with my file, she took nothing in it for granted and questioned me as if I was a new potential RBCDS client.

She could have just asked Alan for his personal opinion and impressions about me, but instead she took the time to ask me directly about my present situation and my future plans, and then make her own judgements. She made a few suggestions as to possible changes we could make and they all made perfect sense.

Not only does she seem to understand the big financial picture very well during these complex times, she was able to relate her overall philosophy to my particular, relatively simple, circumstances.

Although I have always felt confident with the advice and guidance of Alan, I think I feel even more confident now that he and Sandra are working together on my behalf.

Matt Leggett, Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Alan and Sandra this past ten years and can unequivocally state that they are one of the best wealth management planning teams that I know of. From what I have observed, the following are what sets them apart from their peers. They actually take the time to get to know their clients, their clients’ families and their businesses and are genuinely interested in what is happening in their world. This approach serves them well in that they are able to assist with financial planning matters as well as helping to resolve unconventional and unique challenges.

Before recommending any strategy or solution the team will take the time to look at the problem from all angles and will bring in in-house expertise as well as outside counsel to provide guidance and advice. The team’s attention to detail and ensuring all possible solutions are considered helps them deliver superior planning. Lastly and probably the most important is their due diligence in following up on what they promise and executing on that. Nothing gets overlooked and they deliver exactly on what they say they will.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the Nass Rae Wealth Management team to any individual looking for exemplary service and world class wealth management


Dion Steyn, Vice President, Western Regional Sales, RBC Global Asset Management - Canada

I have known and worked with both Sandra and Alan since 2000 and in my opinion, they are the gold standard of Wealth Management today. Their extensive and complementary backgrounds enable them to execute on all the inherent disciplines and challenges of Investment Management and Financial Planning. I am continuously impressed by their holistic and collaborative approach to Wealth Management. By leveraging the full capabilities of RBC Wealth Management and RBC Dominion Securities, they ensure that wealth is not only created by also preserved. Being solution-oriented, their client's well-being is their number one focus. Being process-driven, their team ensures that every element of a client's plan is attend ed to regularly.

Sandra and Alan consistently go beyond the investment and financial planning needs of their clients, becoming involved in personal challenges they may encounter. They are both extremely involved in the community and through their charity work, have made a significant difference both locally and nationally. This earned Alan the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

In conclusion, I unflinchingly recommend them to anyone in need of a Wealth Management team as they are a paragon of excellence.

Susan Puder, VP Senior Executive, Business Development, Dynamic Funds

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Alan and Sandra for the past 17 years. They are unquestionably one of the very best comprehensive Wealth Management teams that I have dealt with in the Province.

Their dedication to their clients' financial well-being is evidenced in so may ways. They have built a top-notch team that works tirelessly to ensure that their service is impeccable. The level of due diligence Sandra and Alan put into their decision to make an investment on behalf of their clients is second to none. They are consistently committed to educating their clients on the markets, investments and insurance products. They truly care for their client's success, comfort and welfare.

I have always felt honoured to work with Sandra and Alan and would wholeheartedly recommend Nass Rae Wealth Management to anyone searching for a Financial Advisor.