Build and Protect Your Wealth

At Goacher Wealth Management we are a team of specialists in the field of family wealth management. We have established ourselves a s a premier team in providing comprehensive wealth advice: discretionary money management; financial and estate planning; personal and corporate tax-minimization strategies; and family wealth transfers. Our process involves discovering all aspects of your personal financial situation and developing strategies that provide long lasting, "peace of mind" comfort. We work under the banner of RBC Dominion Securities which brings all the benefits and rewards associated with RBC Royal Bank and its subsidiaries.

Goacher Wealth Management has been the choice of families, business owners, professionals and organizations to help them achieve their financial and investment goals, working in close collaboration with their team of professional advisors.

Tailored to your individual needs by Goacher Wealth Management, and supported by a team of wealth management specialists and a network of partners, to provide the specific services you need, today and in the future, to help you address your various wealth management needs through each stage of your life:

■ Accumulating wealth and growing your assets
■ Protecting your wealth by managing risk
■ Managing the affairs of a loved one
■ Converting your wealth to an income stream
■ Transferring wealth to your heirs
■ Creating an enduring legacy

Why work with us?
We take a proactive, comprehensive approach to helping clients understand how all parts of their financial needs fit together. We leave no stone unturned.

■ Comprehensive family wealth management
■ Advanced corporate tax planning: Corporate estate freezes, Individual Pension Plans, investment holding companies, and family trusts
■ Personal tax minimization strategies
■ Retirement income planning and projections
■ Discretionary management designed, created and run by our team
■ Estate planning strategies

Who do we help?
Our clients require comprehensive wealth management and professional assistance managing investment portfolios.

■ Professionals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, optometrists, engineers) needing advanced wealth planning
■ Business owners needing advanced corporate and personal wealth planning
■ Individuals selling a business
■ Clients who need to protect and enhance the after-tax value of their estates
■ Clients approaching retirement who need to explore strategies to maximize after-tax retirement income
■ Individuals that no longer have the time or inclination to look after their investments and need someone to do it for them
■ Individuals who receive a large windfall such as an inheritance or lottery win
■ Those clients who are unsure of their current investment advice and would like a second opinion