Corporate Money Management Services

At Goacher Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities, we are a team of specialists in the field of corporate money management. As a team that ranks in the top 100 advisory teams at RBC Dominion Securities in Canada, Goacher Wealth Management has been the choice for a number of corporations focused on the insurance, property management, and not-for-profit sectors, among others. RBC Dominion Securities is the wealth management and investment arm of RBC in Canada. RBC is Canada’s largest bank and is the sixth largest bank globally (August 2010). RBC deposits and senior debt are rated AA (stable) by DBRS.

Services Provided

  • All the benefits, services and cost efficiencies of an institutional trading desk with the additional advantage of personalized service and advice.

  • Discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management.

  • Proactive portfolio management that acts as an extension of your corporate team that stays on top of developments, maturities and management of your portfolio, and assists you to remain in compliance with any regulatory rules as well as your Investment Policy Statement.

  • Seamless integration with our partners at RBC Royal Bank and RBC Dexia.

  • Customized reporting services through the use of Excel spreadsheets.

  • Access to our award-winning fixed-income team and an extensive bond inventory with a variety of issuers and products to help meet all your needs

  • A full array of products including equity and fixed-income securities listed on Canadian exchanges and markets around the world.

Other Services

  • Complete banking and custodial solutions with the assistance of specialists at RBC Royal Bank and RBC Dexia.

  • Assistance with investment policy guidelines and creation.

  • Customized reporting solutions on a monthly basis and at year-end for audit purposes.

  • Year-end tax schedules and audit confirmations upon request.

  • Monthly statements, newsletters and other publications of interest.