Wealth Management Process

To provide you with wealth management, we follow a disciplined process designed to keep you on-track to achieving your goals. This process keeps everyone focused on what’s important – helping you live life the way you want to live it.

Step 1


■ Introduce you to the unique wealth management process that every one of our clients benefits from
■ Introduce our wealth management team and the services we provide to ensure the success of our clients’ financial plans
■ Explain fully the services included in your fee

Step 2


■ Gather important financial information – tax returns, statements, etc.
■ Discuss and clarify your financial goals
■ Understand your individual needs, goals and circumstances

Step 3


■ Sign appropriate RBC Dominion Securities account opening documents and provide all pertinent account agreement guidelines
■ Prepare various transfer documents
■ Set up access to our security-protected online account viewing

Step 4

Create Your Financial & Investment Plan

■ Provides the basis for developing your roadmap for the future
■ Analyze financial and personal information
■ Present and explain the different strategies appropriate for you
■ Provide custom-tailored solutions based on our understanding of your situation
■ Implement specific action plans to achieve your goals
■ Structure your investments tax-efficiently and optimize the risk/reward balance

Step 5

Will & Estate Review

■ Complimentary review service available for clients with investments in excess of $1,000,000
■ Estate and tax review by our RBC Wealth Management Services Will & Estate consultant
■ Helps to identify any opportunities to maximize wealth in your estate
■ Provides a comprehensive report for you to review with your legal counsel, outlining concepts and strategies we may recommend
■ Include a checklist for updating your Will or Power of Attorney

Step 6

Insurance Review & Family Wealth Transfer

■ Professional insurance consultant with extensive estate planning expertise
■ Review your current life and disability insurance needs and coverage
■ Recommend insurance-based wealth protection, income replacement or wealth transfer strategies

Step 7

Review Other Financial Planning Strategies

■ Introduce experts from our professional network as required: Tax accountants, actuaries, bankers, etc.
■ Create and implement advanced strategies including Individual Pension Plans, corporate estate freezes, income-splitting strategies, estate tax planning, as well as personal and business tax planning

Step 8


■ Provide ongoing and regular reviews
■ Ensure your plan is achieving the financial goals and objectives identified specifically for you
■ Identify and present new strategies that may be appropriate for your changing needs.

Step 9

Client Events

■ Invitations to our complimentary client education seminars
■  Exclusive invitation to our client appreciation events

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