Corporate Investment Strategy

At Goacher Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities, we are a team of specialists in the field of corporate money management. As a team that ranks in the top 100 advisory teams at RBC Dominion Securities in Canada, Goacher Wealth Management has been the choice for a number of corporations focused on the insurance, property management, and not-for-profit sectors, among others. RBC Dominion Securities is the wealth management and investment arm of RBC in Canada. RBC is Canada’s largest bank and is the sixth largest bank globally (August 2010). RBC deposits and senior debt are rated AA (stable) by DBRS.

Investment strategy

  • Investment strategy, implementation and selection in full consultation with the client.

  • Policy and procedures outlined in a customized Investment Policy Statement.

  • Portfolios developed with the following considerations in mind:

    • Tax, regulatory and corporate investment guidelines.

    • Concentration limits as to sector and issuer.

    • Bonds and equities or both depending on client preference.

  • Fixed income risk management through:

    • Diversification among issuers and maturities.

    • Term and duration analysis relative to the market-place.

    • Duration target matching to future liabilities.

    • Laddering.

    • Sector selection and allocation.

    • Issuer credit ratings.

    • Evaluation of the yield curve to determine the most attractive term to maturity from a risk/reward perspective.

  • Equity risk management through:

    • Diversification among sectors and companies in a concentrated portfolio of stocks in large cap, quality companies.

    • Evaluation of the best companies and sectors for maximum growth.

    • The big-picture fundamental capital markets outlook based on support from RBC Capital Markets, RBC Economics, and our Portfolio Strategy Team.

    • Extensive research provided by RBC Capital Markets, JP Morgan and S&P.

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