He didn't what?

Jul 21, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good Afternoon, Friday Trivia: What former head of state adamantly refused to brush his teeth, bathe or even wash his hands for decades? Instead, he allowed one of his fawning minions to occasionally sponge him off. (Ew). Unhelpful Hints: 1) Years after...
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Hockey Stick Data

Jun 15, 2021 |Mark Ryan
It’s Friday Are you Saying I’m Fat? Today, a timely report on inflation, which, like a big, over-yeasty cinnamon fritter, plays an outsized roll (get it?) on markets. The gooey centre of the debate is whether or not the expansion is a sticky problem....
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Who shot JR ?

May 25, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Love and Money: Near the climax of the most recent BBC production of Les Miserables, naive young Cosette tries to sneak out to rendezvous with her earnest lover Marius. But just then the street battle between the rebels and the French army is on, and...
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Bleachy Keen

May 04, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Remember a year ago, when bleach-based cleaning products were more precious than, ah, toilet paper? Right. So what do you get when…? Every bleach product in the world gets bought up in the early days of a pandemic, and; About 1/3 of the world sits on...
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No Don't

Apr 28, 2021 |Mark Ryan
A Non-celebratory Anniversary: He was born one hundred and fifty-one years ago today, on April 23, 1870, to a solid middle-class family. His father, a liberal-minded educator, was not aristocratic, but kept life pleasant enough for Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanovis...
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Oblong Unspendable Nickels

Apr 20, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Forever wishing he was fishing, an urban teen could wade the creeks of Burnaby, angling for mischief and trout. For me, the once pristine city streams were the fascinating wrong-end of demographic flow. Trickling past concrete pillars holding millions...
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The Actor Class

Apr 15, 2021 |Mark Ryan
On TV the other night, the male lead, played by a beefy-looking Russian, was portraying a rugged outdoorsman. He was believable enough until he had to split a few pieces of firewood for his damsel -- and then the fourth wall sort of just fell on him....
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The Rain in Maine

Apr 01, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Good afternoon. It’s almost Good Friday. I’m passing along a fairly readable COVID/economic update that speaks to the massive injections of liquidity filtering through the markets, and the latest COVID news. From the report: Terminal Terminological Drift?...
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The thin red line - between a hero and a goat

Apr 01, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Friend of Seeds: Last week I wrote about Russian scientist Nikolay Vavilov. The storied agronomist had toured the world collecting a vast store of seeds and documenting their highest and best uses, in what he called a “mission for all humanity.” Like...
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Hello, I'd Like to Have an Argument Please

Mar 20, 2021 |Mark Ryan
Rational disagreements, even heated ones, can be constructive if honest ground rules are shared. But shaming and political maneuvering haven’t been helpful in COVID-and-finance debates. Our choices will be judged by history, but we’re better off to embrace...
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