Hockey Stick Data

Jun 15, 2021 | Mark Ryan


It’s Friday


Are you Saying I’m Fat? Today, a timely report on inflation, which, like a big, over-yeasty cinnamon fritter, plays an outsized roll (get it?) on markets. The gooey centre of the debate is whether or not the expansion is a sticky problem. Do we tighten our belts or loosen them? Mobile-friendly link



Also getting bigger -- health costs and associated gaps in care. The traditional system is plagued by its own chronic conditions (also an addiction to puns). But at the intersection of health care and tech, we’re seeing a remedy that might be stickier than a bandaid. A look at what this means for the investment landscape.  Mobile-friendly link


The Complete June Global Insight is here: Global Insight Weekly


Focused on Facts: A chart should convey its idea more quickly than a page full of numbers, and not mislead at a glance. For example, the blue line (below) if left alone, bounces off the economic data we got a year ago, which in effect said: “Everything froze. Hey, look. Zeros!” The remedy visual is rightly shown in the much more mellow yellow line. For now, compare corporate profits (and other stuff) with two year old data rather than one. 




On the other hand, our ever-chubbier national debt is real, if discounted only slightly by inflation.


Now as for data on the bathroom scale compared to a year ago... Uhhh… Oh look, it’s the bottom of the page! Gotta go!


Have a great weekend!