Hot Dog anyone?

Nov 09, 2020 | Mark Ryan


Good (grief) Afternoon,


There are 8760 hours in a year. And because you probably haven’t already quite had enough -- even after 35,040 straight hours of Trumped up US Election news coverage – (overshadowed briefly by a deadly worldwide epidemic), we’re here for you – like a hotdog vendor in the lunchroom of a meat factory.


Senate Slides Slightly Sideways: With a (likely) Biden Presidency, and Democrat majority in the house, conservatives look to the (likely) Republican-controlled US senate for relief. The governmental foot on the gas pedal slides slightly to the left, and the senate is the brake on still left-er ideas. Much more of this sort of analysis in the days ahead. Much, much, much, more.



(See what I mean?)

Beyond the endgame: As a tumultuous U.S. election season draws closer to its final outcome, what are the implications of a divided Congress for equity markets? And which industries stand to benefit in the new political landscape?


Regional developments: Canadian yields fall on U.S. stimulus uncertainty; U.S. stocks rally in the aftermath of the election; European stocks up on earnings & Biden presidency hope; China plans to double its GDP by 2035.


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Still more…


Audio commentary: The U.S. has voted—what’s next?

Janet Engels, Head of the Portfolio Advisory Group – U.S., and Tylar Lunke, Senior Manager of Managed Portfolio Strategies at RBC Wealth Management, talk about how the markets have handled this wild week and what they’re watching as the election outcome remains in a bit of no-man’s land. They also discuss the implications of what appears to be a status quo Congress, and where investors should focus their attention.   Listen here (about 13 mins)


Okay, now I’m really exhausted.


Enjoy your weekend!