Shivering in the cheap seats

Oct 20, 2020 | Mark Ryan


Good evening,


I woke up this morning and someone had spread mashed potatoes all over the yard, the trees, the cars, and even the chicken coop. Rude.


Although we were briefly blessed with a pleasant fall, (after a marshy summer) I’m not even remotely ready for winter. Not mentally. And not physically. My snow tires are still lounging sleepily in the garage, my luscious plump-leaved raspberry bushes look morally defeated under the weight of the onslaught, and my deck chairs are still out there, shivering like Grandma in the cheap seats at a Spruce Kings game.


For market commentary today, a 14-minute we have a chat with our chief strategist, Jim Allworth, always worth a listen. He touches on the investment outlook, the surreal, comic-book situation that is the U.S. election, takeaways from the pandemic, and possible implications for future crises.


Audio commentary: A market update with Jim Allworth Listen Here:


Enjoy your weekend.


I think it’s time to light the wood stove. Definitely.