Friday Chart Smorgasbord - Joe verses the Volcano

Oct 05, 2020 | Mark Ryan


It’s Friday:

And some financial analyists love charts. This is handy, but there’s a risk of bafflegabbery. The glossy data points and pretty colours, nearly always, (but not always), have vague implications, but they’re not only-mostly-useless. Not at all. So have a peak at the attached US 2020electioncharts PDF

now that I’ve praised them with faint dang-ing. And once you get so flustered you want to ask the cat for his opinion, that’s maybe a good time to… ask the cat for his opinion.2020 Election Charts


Speaking of which:

Trump’s prospects, if not his bluster, faded this week after making himself look boorish aside his chief rival in Tuesday night’s debate. Market watchers will now take the weekend to contemplate what his recent COVID diagnosis means, and then produce a series of charts comparing (insert childish reference to body fluids here) by Monday morning. But all joking aside, we wish the President and his lovely wife a speedy recovery from this devastating disease.


As for completely unnecessary acrimony:

The recently-deceased, and notoriously-liberal US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is said to have been dear friends with her long-time colleague, the staunchly-conservative Justice, Antonin Scalia, even though they differed deeply on moral and legal issues. It was more than lunchroom tolerance. They hung out. Went to shows. Their families even vacationed together. “Call us the odd couple,” Scalia said of their relationship in 2015. “She likes opera, and she’s a very nice person. What’s not to like? Except her views on the law?”


And that is actually really quite beautiful.


Markets were mixed this week, in no small part because of the “but what if” factor:

What if November 3 comes and goes and we don’t know who the next president is? We explain why we think the market should eventually be able to stomach this disconcerting scenario.


Keeping the federal debt manageable

We also show how the low rate policy has been a huge boon to the federal budget, even if it cheapens the mighty greenback.


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But most of all, enjoy what might well be the last few sunny and warm(ish) days of the year!