Have high expectations on your financial advisor

Jan 03, 2019 | Joshua Opheim


Here are 5 essential things the Opheim Wealth Management Group provides for their clients

How we work for you

To promote a healthy and productive relationship, we clearly explain our value proposition, investment process and how we get paid. You receive and sign an investment policy statement that sets parameters for your account’s investments and how we will measure the performance and risk of your portfolio. We clearly spell out how and what we get paid and define what your expectations are for communications, statements, and portfolio reviews. 

We know more than investments 

There is so much more that effects your financial well being than beating the market. And often trying to beat the market isn't what our clients need and they don't require that kind of risk to live the way they want.  We don't take any risk that clients don't need to take.  There’s so much more that matters, like your overall financial situation, ability to save for your goals, and your unique emotional makeup. We focus on investments but we also focus on innovative ideas that save our clients money through proper financial and tax planning.

We teach, don’t preach

If in your current advisory relationship, your advisor's explanations are "over your head" and you simply just agree for the sake of agreeing, you need to reevaluate your situation now! Granted, most clients don’t want to learn deep stock analysis methods from their advisor, but we provide explanations at a client’s level so you can truly learns from the us. Our goal is always for you to understand what we are doing and why.  We will always find a way to explain it in a way you understand, we can promise that. We appreciate questions no matter what they are.  Our belief is if you have an understanding why we are doing things the way we are, you will not lose sleep at night as you will feel confident in what we are doing for you.

We know how to say no

If we financially believe a decision you are making regarding your financial situation is not in you best interest, we have no problem telling you. Our belief is you can hire anyone to be a "yes" person, but hiring an advisory team that has no issue saying "no" to you, or "that's a bad idea", is vital to your long term financial wellbeing.  Because we help you make financial decisions from a long-term planning perspective, we ensure that when making decisions we always relate back to the plan. We use real projections and anticipate "worse case" situations. We investigate available alternatives to decisions and help our clients make the best decision for their unique situation.  

We are proactive, not reactive. 

If you have an advisor that will not give you the time you feel is required, you really should consider alternatives, even if you’re in a long-term advisor relationship.  Your money is too important to end up on the back burner. It’s not too much to expect at least a note or e-newsletter acknowledging your business and seeking ways to increase it.
We believe that a client's overall financial wellbeing is a combination of responsible stewardship, education, and innovative planning ideas. We provide these qualities and know you'll be left in a better financial situation in working with us.