Investment Management

At Opheim Wealth,the prudent management of our client families' investment portfolio is one of the core aspects of our service offering. We manage client portfolios according to a goals-based philosophy, and utilize a variety of traditional and non-traditional asset classes to help clients achieve their goals. A more detailed version of our philosophy oninvestment management can be found below in our six core beliefs aboutinvesting.

“We brought the same discipline to investing a family’s portfolio as they brought to operating a successful business”

- Josh Opheim, Team Investment Advisor
Bespoke portfolios to meet a client's unique goals

Every client is unique and has their own personal goals. As a result, so are the portfolios we design for them. All of our portfolios are bespoke and built specifically for each family. We do not have a cookie-cutter model portfolio that we use across our client base.


Investing with a long-term mindset

Our clients have long-term, often multi-generational time horizons. As a result, we seek to design client portfolios with a long-term mindset that allows them to be resilient through changing economic, geopolitical, and market conditions. We believe in keeping our eye on the long-term goals and don’t make kneejerk tactical asset allocation calls based on perceived short-term market bets.


A multi-manager approach is superior for our clients

Our open architecture (or multi-manager) approach means our clients have access to best in-class investment expertise from around the world and across all asset classes. Our skillset is in setting an overall asset allocation that will allow our clients to meet their goals. When it comes to implementing within individual asset classes and selecting securities, we find the best investment managers in the world, and use our economies of scale to ensure our clients can access these managers' mandates at reduced fees wherever possible.


Focusing on bottom line performance

Investment returns are only one variable in determining how much a client’s portfolio grows over time. Management fees, expenses, taxes and inflation can all have outsized impact on portfolio returns and also need to be managed closely on an ongoing basis. We believe that tax planning and asset location are key aspects of managing a client’s investment portfolio.


Risk management is the foundation of investment strategy

We provide peace of mind by mitigating risk. Strong long term investment returns are the goal, but the risk taken to generate these returns is an often-overlooked part of the equation. Prudent manager selection, setting appropriate asset mixes, diversification and liquidity management are some of the tools we use to manage risk in client portfolios. We view the concept of risk holistically, and don’t believe it can be adequately reflected by a simple measure like volatility.


Objectivity and independence from investment managers

Our clients come to us because we sit on the same side of the table as they do when it comes to evaluating the performance of the investment managers in their portfolio. Our objectivity and independence allows us to choose the best investment managers for the job, make changes where they are needed, and “fire” managers who no longer fit the bill. We do not sell any investment product, and we do not earn fees from anybody except our clients.

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