Setting a strategy for investing regularly

Jul 19, 2021 |Investment, tax and lifestyle perspectives from RBC Wealth Management Services

Much like starting early with your investments, using a structured approach is a key principle in successful investing as well. Find out more.

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Financial planning: Nine key areas of focus

Jul 15, 2021 |Investment, tax and lifestyle perspectives from RBC Wealth Management Services

Important aspects to consider in organizing your financial picture.

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Teaching your kids about financial literacy

Jul 13, 2021 |Investment, tax and lifestyle perspectives from RBC Wealth Management Services

From earning and saving to budgeting and investing, here are some age-specific financial literacy tips for kids, teens and young adults.

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Planning to protect your estate and your loved ones, now and for the future

Dec 04, 2019 |RBC Wealth Management

This four-part video education series highlights information that can help you protect your estate today and for the future.

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Why Diversification Is Important to Your Portfolio

Jan 09, 2019 |Joshua Opheim

Despite the wishes all your positions will soar, there will be periods when some of your holdings will lose money. When that occurs, you need other investments to offset the decline.

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Have high expectations on your financial advisor

Jan 03, 2019 |Joshua Opheim

Here are 5 essential things the Opheim Wealth Management Group provides for their clients

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It'll be OK...

Dec 21, 2018 |Joshua Opheim

After several rocky weeks, the media, with its usual penchant for drama, is saying we're on track for “The Worst December Since the Great Depression.” While that certainly sounds scary, you will be OK!

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Strategy 3 – Financial education for children

Dec 20, 2018 |Joshua Opheim

Raise financially responsible children

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Use Quality Discounted Bonds Over GIC's

Dec 18, 2018 |Joshua Opheim

While GIC's provide more income than a discounted government of Canada bond, the bond provides you with more return from an after-tax perspective in non-registered and corporate accounts.

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Is your Will up to date? The challenges of settling an estate after a sudden loss

Dec 14, 2018 |Joshua Opheim

When Greg Howson suffered a heart attack at the age of 57, he left his grieving family unprepared for the work that lay ahead.

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