Wealth Administration

We streamline wealth administration and make it easy to access information to help guide decision making.

“We act as the institutional memory for the family with an organized and secure central repository.”

- Josh Opheim, Team Investment Advisor
Consolidated Reporting

Aggregation of all financial data into one central quarterly net worth statement and investment portfolio update.


Task Calendar

A master list of all the administrative tasks applicable to your family in a format that makes it easy to see who the task relates to, who’s responsible, and when it's due. This tool allows families to stay organized, make decisions efficiently and plan proactively.


Meeting Minutes

Effective meeting minutes to capture key decisions and outline action items.


Record Keeping

Secure storage of all family records including, but not limited to: Investment Statements, Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Tax Slips and Reports, Wills and Power of Attorney, Insurance Policy Contracts, Real Estate Documents (Deed, Title, etc.), Legal Documents (Shareholders' Agreements, Contracts, etc.)


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