Managing a Trust

So, you are now a trustee and must manage the money entrusted to you prudently. It doesn’t matter what type of trust it might be: Henson Trust, Family Trust, Immigration Trust, International Trust, Testamentary Trust, you have a Fiduciary Duty to the beneficiaries therefore you must ensure the money that has been entrusted to you is managed prudently in order to care for the beneficiaries and fulfill the wishes stipulated by the Trust.

Understanding the Prudent Investor Rule under the Ontario Trustee Act can be a challenging task for the trustees. Thériault Wealth Management Team can help you with this new challenge. Josée has over 10 years of experience working with the Prudent Investor Rule and has given presentations on the Prudent Investor Rules including the importance of using an Investment Policy Statement for trustees and non-profit organization; we are the team you need to consult for the management of the money entrusted to you.

Thériault Wealth Management Team’s conservative approach ensures proper balancing of the portfolio that will give you peace of mind knowing the trust is being prudently managed with a strong focus of meeting the ongoing needs of the beneficiary.



The role of a trustee can be overwhelming due to the legislative requirements under the Ontario Trustee Act. We offer trustees assurance that the portfolio is managed according to the prudent investor rule while relieving them of the day-to-day concerns of investment decision making.

  • We ensure that a clear Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is in place and approved by the board which is strictly adhered to in the management of the fund.
  • As an added safeguard, our Private Investment Management program also features third-party monitoring by our Portfolio Implementation and Risk Management Group.

With our team you have direct access to your portfolio manager, Josée Thériault, who will take the time to meet with members of the board for regular portfolio reviews, offer the option of arranging education seminars for board members if needed and is available to attend meetings at your request


Ontario Trustee Act 2009