Families with dependents

The process of ensuring the long-term needs of your loved one with a disability or medical condition are cared for once you, the primary caregiver, is gone is stressful – but it doesn’t have to be.

We work with families to create a comprehensive plan that addresses not only the needs of your loved one, but his or her future caregivers as well. We take careful consideration of how the academic, emotional, financial and physical support that you provide will continue.

We utilize our extended network of professionals to ensure that your life care plan accounts for every aspect. This could include a will, financial power of attorney, a medical directive and/or a trust. It could also address a person’s long-term care and supervision, money management, guardianship or conservatorship, funeral arrangements and naming other people who want to help care for the person.

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An excellent resource to reference is Kenneth Pope, a trusted Ontario lawyer who specializes in Henson Trusts and advising families with a family member with a disability.

Securing your children's future with an estate plan

A recent diagnosis jolted Denise and Kevin into thinking about the support their daughter, with disabilities, would need once they're gone. Find out how this family got their "house in order," giving them relief and confidence that their daughter will be supported.