Thériault Wealth Management and Women

At Thériault Wealth Management, we recognize that advice is particularly important for women and their investment needs can be quite different from men. This is especially apparent with their changing role in society.

Not only are women living longer than men, which means their retirement portfolio needs to last longer, but in today’s modern family, they are often becoming the leading or sole source of income.

It is vitally important for women to recognize the substantial impact of today’s new realities on their individual situations and then apply them from financial and wealth transfer planning perspectives.

We especially value our relationship with women given the growing trends, and have a heightened focus on collaborating with women in a way that gives them confidence and knowledge regarding their financial decision-making.

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RBC and Women

RBC supports the growth and success of women advisors through a variety of initiatives such as:

  • IA Leave Program
  • IA Mentorship Program
  • RBC DS Women’s Advisory Board and Women’s Symposium,
  • Other forums that facilitate returning to work, enhancing career skills, and supporting mental health.

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As a branch, we support many organizations that work to support women in our community. Helpful resources for women in Kingston include: