Audio Commentary: Knock-on effects from SVB’s collapse

March 20, 2023 | Kelly Bogdanova & Tylar Lunke


Kelly and Tylar talk about the current stress in the financial system and the wider implications for the U.S. economy and equity market.

Audio commentary Knock on effects from SVB's collapse Kelly Bogdanova Co chair Global Portfolio Advisory Committee Tylar Lunke Senior Manager Managed Portfolio Strategies

Following the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank, a large Swiss financial institution has nearly failed, adding to stress in the financial system.

In this audio recording, the wider implications for the U.S. economy and equity market are discussed by Kelly Bogdanova, Co-chair of the Global Portfolio Advisory Committee, and Tylar Lunke, Senior Manager of the Portfolio Advisory Group’s Managed Portfolio Strategies team.

Listen here (approximately 10-minute duration).

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