Workshop: Managing your finances wisely to achieve financial well-being

When it comes to your finances – do you worry about it, avoid it, think everything will work out just fine or feel sorry about your past mistakes? If you identify with any of these, this session is for you!

You’ve likely had a health check over the last year, but have you had a financial health check?

This session IS NOT about your investments, it’s about financial habits and behaviours that may be derailing your ability to accumulate and keep enough saving and achieving financial well-being.

Adulting isn’t always easy, but this session will be!

I regularly host these no obligation and complimentary sessions because I’m passionate about helping Canadians feel financially secure now and in the future.

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A few words about the financial well-being workshop...

Managing your finances wisely and improving your financial health is key to achieving financial well-being.

Savings rates have plunged, debt levels have shot-up, consumerism and information overload have reached epic proportion, and volatile financial markets are making it harder than ever to build and protect investment savings.

As a seasoned money coach, I have a passion for helping Canadians implement effective strategies that improve their financial health, reduce their concerns or stress around money and financial assets, and get them on the path to achieving their long-term financial goals.

I do this by helping investors understand their money personality type and what is causing them to feel financialy discouraged. I work with them to establish meaningful goals, and, through education, planning and on-going support, help them focus, increase confidence and feel financially secure.

The intereactive workshop covers:

  • What's unique about our times and what's causing us to be financially unhealthy
  • Perform your own financial health check
  • Learn fffective strategies that will improve your financial health and get out on the path to financial well-being and freedom


I can help you get started and identify what you need to do right now to achieve your financial well-being

Call me at 416-699-4550 or send me an email at with any questions or for a no-obligation consultation.

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