What matters to you, matters to me

When was last time you met with your wealth advisor to discuss what is really important to you and why?

Life never sits still. Maybe your personal and financial needs are changing, or life has thrown you a curve ball. Your current financial plan no longer reflects what’s really matters to you, you don’t have a written plan, or maybe your advisor hasn’t reviewed that plan with you for a long time. If you feel this way, you’re not alone.

At Droz Wealth Management Group, all our clients get a written financial plan, and it’s reviewed 2-to-3 times a year. Our purpose is to help our clients understand where they stand and what they need to do to achieve their financial goals and peace of mind.

Perhaps you feel a sense of financial insecurity after losing a loved one, changing jobs or losing money. Or maybe you wonder if you will be able to retire comfortably. Or possibly you are concerned about protecting your family and assets in case of an unforeseen event.

Whatever your concerns may be, they matter to you. That means they matter to me.

My role is to advocate on your behalf at every stage, with every consideration, and to understand the impact of decisions as we work towards alleviating your concerns and achieving your goals. I act as your “Financial Coach,” helping you effectively manage your financial life.

I’m accountable to you and your family and no one else. I also believe that if I do right by you, we both win. You get to live the life that matters to you, and I get to help you get there.

Let’s get started on building your financial future and achieving financial well-being.

Jean-Francois Droz, CIM
Portfolio Manager &
Investment Advisor


Contact me at 416-699-4550 or send me an email at jean-francois.droz@rbc.com for a free consultation. You can also click here to send me a question.


A little bit of history about me… and why I became a wealth advisor.

This is my family – my wife Lisa and I with our two sons Matthew and Lucas. I’m very grateful to be surrounded by a loving and caring family.

Life goes by so fast! It’s already been 20 years since I first met my wife while vacationing in the Caribbean and moving to Toronto from Montreal.

I spent my first 10 years working in the marketing and sales departments at various financial institutions. I gained a lot of experience, learned about investor behaviour, as well as the ins and outs of how the financial industry communicates and markets to them.

To my surprise, and perhaps being a little naive back then, I sadly realized how often the financial industry plays on investor fears, greed and the desire for short-term rewards (or fixes) as a mean to influence their behavior, beliefs in certain concepts or products, ultimately to drive corporate profits. Add to this the overwhelming amount of unnecessary and riddled with jargon information, it’s no wonder that investors are often emotionally caught up, focus on the wrong things, making decisions that are not aligned with their values. Very little attention is actually spent on what really matters to investors in the long run.

After realizing this significant dislocation between the financial service providers’ “wants” and financial services consumers’ “needs,” I decided to become a wealth advisor and make it my purpose to help Canadians understand and act on their true personal and financial values. Helping them articulate what and who they care about and why, and what kind of life they want to live now and in the future, so I can guide them in achieving financial health and well-being. It’s so much more than having a well-managed portfolio; it’s really about building a solid foundation for life and potentially the next generation.

My goal is to empower my clients with the information, tools, and guidance they need to become confident, even savvy, financial decision-makers while navigating life events, and ultimately to achieve their life goals.