With each major life transition comes emotional and financial stress, as well as a myriad of decisions to be made. It can be overwhelming.

Maybe it’s a separation or divorceloss of a loved one, change in employment, retirementstarting or selling a business, to name a few.


Many people ask me:

"Am I going to be ok?"

"What should I do?"

"Who should I talk to?" 


Let’s work together and make sure you are ok and that you are guided in the right direction. Together we can build a solid plan, which will enable you to make financial decisions with confidence, peace of mind and achieve financial well-being.


Financial Wealth
Financial Health
Financial Well-Being


The media and financial services industries tend to focus on financial wealth; how much have you accumulated, what’s your net worth – your number. Amassing and building financial wealth is important, however, to achieve financial well-being, it’s essential to assess and improve your financial health.

Your financial health is the current state of your financial situation, your spending, savings and investing habits. Each person is different, and that’s why I develop a financial & retirement plan for every one of my clients. It’s to ensure you are on track to reach your goals, feel confident and empowered to make financial decisions, with the ultimate goal of achieving a sense of financial well-being.

I define financial well-being as having money left over after your expenses to save and invest, while feeling in control of your finances, feeling financially secure, now and in the future, even when life throws you curve balls because it will.

Your financial well-being is important to me. Let me help you get there.


If you are asking yourself any of these questions:
  • Can I afford my current lifestyle? Can I stay in my home?
  • What do I do with my severance package?
  • How long is my money going to last?
  • What should I do with my divorce settlement?
  • Do I have enough insurance for me and my children?
  • How much should I invest for retirement?
  • Am I taking too much risk with my money?
  • How can I convert my wealth into an income stream?

I can help you get started and identify what you need to do right now to achieve your financial well-being.

Call me at 416-699-4550 or send me an email at jean-francois.droz@rbc.com for a no-obligation consultation. You can also click here if you want to send me a question.

Your partner on your journey to financial well-being

I’m Jean-François Droz – you can call me JF. As a Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor, I act as your personal “Financial Coach,” helping you effectively manage your financial life and achieve financial well-being. I make it my job to gain a deeper understanding of what’s really important to you, and why, and only then can I genuinely represent your interests, now and going forward, and help you set achievable goals.

I believe that financial security isn’t only a well-managed portfolio; it’s many things that all revolve around building a solid foundation for your life. My goal is to empower you with the information, tools, and guidance you need to become a confident, even savvy, decision-maker when it comes to your finances, and, be able to deal effectively with life-changing events.

Together, we'll create a personalized financial plan that’s custom to your needs and lifestyle.

Over several meetings, we’ll explore what’s important to you, the people you care about, and, many other important factors including;

  • Your dreams
  • Your aspirations
  • Your values
  • Your motivations
  • Your obstacles
  • Your financial goals
  • Legacy goals
  • Current and future life transitions that will impact your plan

Whatever is important to you, is important to me and together we will create a plan that supports all of it.

A plan is so much more than saving money, investing and buying insurance, it’s about what you desire to do or to achieve in life, it helps you figure out where you’re going and how to get there. A plan will help you:

  • Prioritize your financial goals and protect yourself along the way, so your dreams are looked after
  • Save money to reach your goals
  • Organize your finances
  • Focus on the big picture
  • Worry less about money, get peace of mind


In this process, I consider your life goals

In all the years I’ve worked with successful people, I’ve found that most just want to have confidence in the process and peace of mind as they look to their future. To give you that confidence, I look beyond investment management and consider your life goals.


You’re surrounded by a team of professionals

As part of my practice, I’m backed by a large group of RBC financial professionals to serve you (a financial and estate planning team, insurance team, administrative team, etc.). I have also developed an external group of professionals (accountants, lawyers, insurance experts, etc.) that have helped me implement many aspects of financial & life planning strategies for my clients.

I also partner with your other professional advisors

With your permission, I’ll communicate with your accountant, lawyer and other representatives to makes sure we are all on the same page when it comes to your financial future.

My services help you plan for any scenario:

  • Separation or divorce
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Retirement
  • Change in employment
  • Starting or selling a business

With all that’s going on in your life and everything you hear in the media, it makes sense to have a "Financial Coach" in your corner, to help you navigate and manage your financial affairs. By giving you a custom strategy and plan, I will provide a framework that helps you better understand your financial situation, so you’re empowered to make the informed decisions. Together, we will achieve what is important to you.

Your financial future is important. Let’s talk about your concerns, your goals, and get you on the path to financial well-being.

Call me at 416-699-4550 or send me an email at jean-francois.droz@rbc.com for a no-obligation consultation. You can also click here if you want to send me a question.