The trusted contact person policy to provide much needed clarity

Sep 15, 2021 |Curtis Grainger & Jason Fields
The trusted contact person is an individual designated by a client whom we as advisors can call upon if they suspect something is amiss with the client. Find out more about the importance of naming one for yourself and your parents in this article.
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2021 Election Platform Guide

Sep 09, 2021 |Curtis Grainger & Jason Fields
As Canadians we go to the polls on Sept. 20. In this article by Macleans Magazine, they have assembled a list of promises made by the four major political parties, updating as information becomes available. Here’s what each party has promised so far on...
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Planning is key to securing digital assets

Sep 02, 2021 |Curtis Grainger & Jason Fields
Technology has changed the way we go about our lives — and the way we go about planning for death. And as our digital footprints continue to grow, so does the importance of managing our digital assets after our demise. Take a look at this article to find...
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