Value Beyond Banking

To add even more value to your everyday banking RBC has teamed up with Petro Canada, Link you Petro card to your RBC debit card or credit card of choice and get 3 cents of a litre at the pump just by using your RBC card to pay.  For more information on our Petro offer please click on the photo.

RBC has teamed up with a variety of companies to provide discounts and services to our clients. To find out more information on the value beyond banking click here.

 RBC Mobile Banking

The RBC Mobile App takes mobile banking to the next level.  Everyday banking is always convenient, but our new app helps make managing your money even easier.  Our fresh and intuitive design gives you easy access to everything you'd expect from a banking app: account balances, money transfers, bill payments, cheque deposits, ATM locations and more.  Easy access to each entity can be found at the first click of the mobile app allowing you to sign in to RBC Royal Bank, RBC Direct Investing and RBC Dominion Securities accounts. Reach out to us today for a demo of this amazing app.

 RBC Wallet

Having a full wallet is a good thing, unless that means you're struggling with a stack of plastic.  With the RBC Wallet App, all your cards are in one place without the bulk, so they're always there when you need them.  Pay in stores quickly and easily when you start up the RBC Wallet App for the first time, your debit and credit cards are always waiting for you. Just activate the ones you want and we'll stick them in the wallet app for iOs or Android.  The next time you need to pay for something in a store, hold your phone up to the contactless reader with your finger on the touch ID. Gift cards, simplified.  Save your gift cards in the RBC Wallet App and leave the plastic at home.  And if you're in the market for a new card, browse through the gift shop and buy from dozens of retailers.  Then either keep the card for yourself or send it to a friend.  A friend paid for lunch? Pay them back, RBC Send Money helps you send cash - instantly - to the contacts on your phone.  Just choose who and how much, the rest is automatic. 


 RBC Rewards

Shop. Earn. Save. Travel. Do more on the go with your RBC rewards points. With this awesome app created by RBC you can track your points activity, Find the rewards you want, get it sooner, save money and earn bonus points, not an RBC rewards cardholder? you can still save money with this app. In this fully integrated app you can quickly view available points already available in your account as well as the amount of pending points at just the touch of your finger.  You can redeem points for gift cards, or browse a variety of other products from Apple, Best Buy and other RBC Rewards Merchandise through the catalogue.  Want to get that new Apple or Best Buy item sooner? Use a combination of points and cash to get it sooner. Plus, earn points faster when you use your RBC rewards card for everyday shopping. Through the RBC Rewards program you can enjoy exclusive offers to earn bonus RBC Rewards points and save money on shopping, travel, dining and more.  Booking travel has never been easier than using the RBC Rewards app, book flights and hotels on the go directly from the RBC Rewards App.  Enjoy more destinations and travel options in a redesigned experience to make planning your trip with RBC Rewards smoother than ever. If you are not an RBC Rewards Credit cardholder, you can now save money through exclusive offers on travel, dining and more just by using the RBC Rewards App!

RBC Path

Path provides access to emergency medical assistance through Assured Assistance Inc. and up-to-date travel information and advice for travelers, on the go.  If you are an existing travel insurance RBC Policy holder, and planning your next trip, download this app today.  With Path, you can:

- Search your location to find a medical facility for emergency assistance

- Call or email experts directly for emergency medical assistance

- Contact local emergency services

- Access worldwide assistance numbers

- Access up-to-date travel advisories

- Input medical information

- Setup and send notification emails to family and friends, including checking in during a disaster or major event so your family and friends know you're safe.

 RBC Drive

With DRIVE, Keep your car safe and up to date with recall notifications sent right to your device.  Stay organized and in control by storing important paperwork like insurance documents, ownership, and service records, in one place for easy access.  With our Tire Butler mobile service, you can schedule a tire change, repair or replacement, even if you're home or in the office.


The Wellspent money journal is the simplest and most powerful way to build good money habits, work towards financial goals and improve your well-being. We've made money journaling simple, intuitive and rewarding here's how:

All your spending in one place, link any credit card or bank account and see all your spending in one place.  Don't want to link your card? you can also record your spending manually.  An intuitive experience that helps you stay on top of your spending without it feeling like a chore.  Identify the choices that you found worth it, and the choices you'd like to avoid in the future.  Organize your spending in unique and personal ways, create tags to match your spending to how you live your life. It's an easy way to stay on top of your daily rituals or life events, like your morning coffee or occasional getaways. For example, if you want to track and get a total cost of your trip to Thailand, use #Thailand2019.  Learn more about your spending habits and discover ways to save money without sacrificing what brings you joy.  Search for your transactions, searching for transactions or figuring out how much you spent at a particular merchant over any period of time is finally easy to do.  Search merchant, tag or category across any time period and get the answers you need instantly.

 Smart Reno

Smart Reno helps you find the right contractor and estimate for your renovation project. Simply describe your project and Smart Reno will match you with trusted contractors who are qualified in your area. Compare different offers and choose a contractor that best suits your needs. From roof to basement, trust the Smart Reno experts for all your renovation projects.


MoveSnap is an online platform plus personal concierge service that takes care of the fine details so you can have an effortless moving experience. From helping you with home services to providing advice, MoveSnap’s step-by-step process means you stay in control of your move. Here are a few examples of how MoveSnap helps clients; transfer utilities and home services, hire movers or rent a truck, they change address to redirect mail, and update government identification. MoveSnap is available by invite only. 


Based on science and designed by people who get it, Prepped is a free, digital and personalized program that provides the guidance and training you’ll need to effectively tackle your job search. Access resources including exercises and bite-sized videos, develop necessary interviewing and networking skills, and define your career path.