BC Real Estate Speculation Tax

Mar 28, 2018 |Jason Fields/Curtis Grainger

An update on our latest blog post regarding the BC Real Estate Speculation Tax. If you own more than one property in BC it is important to stay up to date and informed on this topic. As new information comes out we will continue to provide updates.

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NDP's Speculation Tax

Mar 22, 2018 |Jason Fields/Curtis Grainger

As of late we have experienced many conversations revolving around NDP’s Speculation Tax on BC Real Estate. We feel it was prudent to share this summary to inform everyone as it will have an impact on our local community.

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Why inheritance is not a retirement plan

Mar 20, 2018 |Jason Fields/Curtis Grainger

Of all the financial planning tips your parents gave you growing up, waiting on an inheritance to fund your own retirement probably wasn’t one of them.

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