A Financial Plan for your Extended Retirement

Apr 29, 2021 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
The potential for longer retirements and lower investment yields means investors may need to consider different ways of structuring their portfolios. A 60 year old has a 25% chance of living until age 97. Are you ready for a 40 year retirement? Click...
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House prices spiked further across Canada, despite more sellers

Apr 21, 2021 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
Soaring prices and the start of the spring season attracted more sellers, according to early reports from local real estate boards. Click here to read more.
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Chatter That Matters Podcast: Chris Hadfield on Being Mentally Prepared for Life

Apr 14, 2021 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
As a child, Chris Hadfield — like many children — dreamed of being an astronaut. The difference is that Hadfield made purposeful life choices beginning at a young age to bring him closer to his dream. His commitment, focus and training prepared him for...
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SusTech: Sustainability Through Technology

Apr 07, 2021 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
A number of technologies have emerged to help make the world we live in more sustainable. More are on the horizon. Many are the result of innovations and will likely enjoy secular growth, perhaps for decades. This report looks at the importance of sustainability...
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