The RBC Disruptor’s Handbook: 21 Things We’ve Learned about Digital Disruption

Dec 05, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
We are in the early stages of the biggest technology-driven revolution since the advent of electricity. Entire industries and careers are being created or overturned, and the disruptors tend to be entrepreneurs and innovative organizations whose greatest...
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TFSA limit for 2020

Nov 27, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
The federal government has announced the 2020 TFSA contribution limits. Take a look at this article to find out more.
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Tax and Estate Concerns at Different Life Stages

Nov 14, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
As financial planners our responsibilities extend beyond rates of return to include tax, retirement and estate planning. To understand these aspects of a financial plan, we take the opportunity to learn more about a client's family, values and priorities...
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Are Co-Executors a Good Idea?

Nov 06, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
At first glance, naming two executors to jointly administer an estate seems like a smart idea: two heads are better than one, particularly when it comes to the complex decisions and administrative tasks that can overwhelm a single executor. But can naming...
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With the Election Over, What's Been Promised?

Oct 30, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
With neither the Liberals not Andrew Scheer's Conservatives achieving the 170 seats required for a majority government, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh could hold the balance of power in Parliament. The NDP's priorities may feature prominently if the government...
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Planning for blended families using trusts

Oct 23, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
Proper planning for blended families is key to ensure the financial goals of each family member is achieved. This article goes through some different strategies on how to achieve financial happiness within blended families.
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A Financial Plan for Your Extended Retirement

Oct 17, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
The potential for longer retirements and lower investment yields means investors may need to consider different ways of structuring their portfolios. Click here to read more.
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World Mental Health Day Oct 10th, 2019

Oct 10, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
World Mental Health Day is celebrated globally on October 10 each year and this year the focus is on suicide prevention. In Canada, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth ages 10 – 29, yet it can be highly preventable. Robb Nash and...
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Long-Term Planning Can Help Allay Canadian investors’ Concerns for the Future

Oct 03, 2019 |Jason Fields & Curtis Grainger
More wealth does not always equal more optimism for long-term financial well-being, especially when markets start to fluctuate. Saving enough for long-term goals like retirement and preserving wealth to pass down to the next generation, while managing...
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Does Your Estate Plan Cover Your U.S. Property?

Sep 24, 2019 |Curtis Grainger & Jason Fields
Is your will or Power of Attorney valid within the U. S. state where you own property? If you're like many Canadians, your estate plan may not fully account for your cross-border assets. Take a look at this article to find out if your estate will be affected...
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