Why we do what we do?

It's simple.
We value being professional advisors who truly understand and appreciate our clients’ objectives. We thrive by guiding them successfully through the often complex and volatile financial environment.

The Finkelstein Group was created to provide the professional skills necessary to offer the commitment needed to lead our clients to their achievements.

We invest in our clients.

For the better part of two decades we have invested heavily to assemble a multi-generational team of highly experienced and well credentialed professionals who uphold the highest levels of professional skills, integrity and ethics.

Our in-house team of accountants, financial planners, bankers, insurance consultants, pension plan architects, and portfolio managers work together to meet our clients’ financial goals with multi-disciplinary guidance. Our holistic approach is designed to successfully grow, preserve and protect our clients’ wealth with relevant, customized strategies and intelligence not typically available from traditional Investment Managers.

We don’t just say it, we do it.

We have the experience to proactively guide our clients, and their families, safely and securely through the constantly changing and unpredictable world of financial management.

We understand the ingredients necessary to achieve one’s financial vision of independence and security and we enjoy delivering it.

We are our clients’ advocates.

Beyond the complexities and worries, we align ourselves with our clients. A client-advisor relationship cannot exist for the long term unless it is win-win. As such, we make it paramount that our clients always see our actions and advice as unbiased, transparent and without conflict.

We do what we do because we take great pride in being our clients trusted advisor. We enjoy guiding our clients to achieving their financial goals. We will always be committed to providing our clients’ with the leadership and skills needed to manage their wealth.