We have had the privilege and delight to have worked with many clients and client families over our years of financial service. Whether these families are affluent or aspiring affluent they have all had one thing in common - the need for quality financial advice from a team of professionals.

Our clients are diverse in age, occupation, net worth and background. It is because of our experience and expertise that we have been successful in leading them to their personalized monetary targets. We understand the unique needs and desires of our affluent and aspiring affluent clients and have worked tirelessly to supply these entrepreneurs, executives, preeminent professionals (both incorporated and non-incorporated), and retirees with financial security and success.

Below is a small sample of the testimonials we have received over the years from our diverse range of clients:

"We are very happy with the results you have given us and your steady hand on the tiller. Keep up the terrific work! These results exceed even our most greedy expectations."
Bob W.
"Jeff. Thank you for the summary of both the investment performance and your underlying investment strategy. I am an avid reader of your weekly update and feel well served by the investment management provided by your team."
Alan M.
"Jeff, I have been drowning in the negativity of capital market players who are afflicted by `fear, uncertainty and pessimism`, and so I decided to look at my portfolio for a reality check. Happily all I see is confidence, at least in your ability to maneuver in these unsettled times."
Susan R.
"Your intelligent approach served to allay any anxieties. Under your cautious and sagacious stewardship, you have helped me to reach my goal of enjoying a comfortable retirement in the not-too-distant future."
Barbara L.
"We are continuously impressed by the way you handle every situation and by your effort to communicate regularly with us... It is attitudes such as yours that set an operation apart for clients. RBC Dominion Securities should be proud to be associated with the Finkelstein Group, as we are too. Actions like yours really build confidence."
William R.
"Thank you for the detailed review of my portfolio and excellent job you have done looking after it. While working along side you for many years, I saw the great care you put into each client's portfolios and the amount of careful research your team does daily. The early mornings and late nights you dedicate to your clients are apparent in your results. The Finkelstein Group is so precisely balanced with specialized people in different areas of Wealth Management, and as a result are able to provide superior service to your clients. I recently had first hand experience with Jon spending many hours assisting me with sourcing an out of province lawyer to handle my late father's estate as well as compassionately walking me through the process of what to expect while dealing with this. This is far and beyond the job description and what is expected from an Investment Advisor, but very typical of the care you show to your clients. When I was looking to find 1 advisor from 80 to handle my accounts, I had no hesitation in choosing you. Thank you so much for everything, it is a pleasure working with you and I look forward to sending more money your way."
Tracie M.