Understanding the importance of Advance Care Planning

May 31, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

Are you making health care decisions for aging parents, an ill spouse or family member? If you were in the hospital, too ill or hurt to speak for yourself, do you know who would make your health care decisions for you?

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Your weekly update from Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

May 28, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
Recently, discussions surrounding inflation and the eventual phase-out of the Federal Government’s accommodative policies have been in the news. Our blog post this week is featuring two links that will provide you with a bit more clarity when it comes...
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Canadian banks expected to report good results

May 21, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
In this week’s economic update, we discuss the Canadian banks which are set to report quarterly results next week where expectations are justifiably high. In addition to our featured economic commentary, we’ve included three additional resources for you...
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Long-term care your way: Plan now for your future care

May 19, 2021 |RBC Wealth Management

Talking about how you want to live in the last chapter of your life is considered taboo in many families. Learn how to begin these family conversations to empower older Canadians in their future.

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Will the inflation surge impact equity markets?

May 14, 2021 |Kelly Bogdanova

The rapid acceleration in inflation has investor fears heating up. We look at what this spike means for equity performance and portfolio positioning.

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Inflation… Shorter-term or longer lasting?

May 14, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
In this week’s economic update, we discuss the inflation backdrop, which caught the market off guard this week. We also address the question as to whether this is likely to be short-lived or a longer-term phenomenon. In addition to our featured economic...
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Canadian housing markets take a slight dip but remain strong

May 12, 2021 |Robert Hogue

Inventories generally remain low, leaving few options for buyers to fight over and fueling widespread bidding wars.

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Economic updates and new podcasts

May 08, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
From economic insights to mental health and resiliency, it’s all about the podcasts this week! In addition to our featured economic commentary below, we’ve included three interesting podcasts this week: What’s driving the market rotation? Chatter That...
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