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This week's economic news and event invitations!

Jun 11, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
Inflation seems to be front and centre in the news. This week, we’ve included a podcast that speaks to the question that is on everyone’s mind: Is inflation here to stay? As we continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest economic news, we’ve included...
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Event replay – 2021 Global Outlook: A new investment order

Jun 11, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
On April 28, we hosted a live online economic update event that featured Kurt Remain, BlackRock’s Senior Strategist for North America. During his presentation, Kurt shared his updated 2021 Global Outlook that focused on three main themes: The New Nominal...
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Can the Financials sector keep the rally going?

Jun 10, 2021 |Kelly Bogdanova

Optimism over the post-pandemic recovery has fueled the Financials sector’s heady rally. We see a number of catalysts that can push the sector higher.

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Audio commentary: Is inflation here to stay?

Jun 08, 2021 |Kelly Bogdanova & Tylar Lunke

Inflation is speeding up and has grabbed the attention of investors. How long will inflation stay elevated, and what’s the potential impact for financial markets? Join Kelly Bogdanova and Tylar Lunke as they discuss the situation and what to expect.

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Tips for building a career path outside of the family business

Jun 08, 2021 |RBC Wealth Management

It’s important for the next generation be able to build their own career without impacting family relations.

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Are preferred shares still preferred in this investment environment?

Jun 04, 2021 |Thomas Garretson, CFA

In a time of heightened risks around higher inflation and rates, can preferred shares provide portfolio income, as well as defense, for investors?

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Canadian equities leading the way

Jun 04, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
In our economic update this week, we focus our discussion on the Canadian stock market (which has been one of the best performing year-to-date). In addition to our economic commentary, we’ve included three other links with economic and global insights:...
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Inflation aftershock: The implication for investors

Jun 02, 2021 |Kelly Bogdanova

Consumer prices are the highest in years. What are the risks for the equity market?

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HealthTech: How technology can help fix health care

Jun 02, 2021 |Frédérique Carrier

Health care is plagued by the chronic conditions of bloated costs and gaps in access. But the intersection of health care and tech can offer a remedy.

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Understanding the importance of Advance Care Planning

May 31, 2021 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

Are you making health care decisions for aging parents, an ill spouse or family member? If you were in the hospital, too ill or hurt to speak for yourself, do you know who would make your health care decisions for you?

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