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Why your digital assets should be part of your estate plan

Nov 25, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

The Wealthy Barber on planning for your digital assets after you’re gone.

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An inherent resilience across economies and businesses

Nov 20, 2020 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

Our featured economic commentary provides you with an update on the coronavirus and our thoughts on the resilience in corporate earnings this year.

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Automation advancements lead to new products and higher productivity

Nov 18, 2020 |Dan Smith, CFA

Advancements in computing power and mechanical technology can lower manufacturers’ costs, and bring added quality and customization to their products.

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Estate planning to avoid a family feud

Nov 17, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

The Wealthy Barber's strategy for family heirlooms and personal belongings.

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How the U.S. election affects the economic and investment outlook

Nov 16, 2020 |Kelly Bogdanova and Jim Allworth

While Joe Biden is projected to win the election, it appears he’ll have to work with a status quo, i.e., divided, Congress. What’s next?

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The vaccine is a game changer for economies, markets, and investors

Nov 16, 2020 |Frédérique Carrier

We can look through the COVID-19 valley and focus more confidently on the recovery and post-pandemic world. Do investors need to rethink positioning?

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A more stable backdrop for the economy in 2021

Nov 13, 2020 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

This week, our economic update is focused on the positive development on the vaccine front.

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This week’s surprising change in market volatility

Nov 06, 2020 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management

It was a week full of drama. Yet, the biggest surprise was not the U.S. elections. Rather, the unexpected collapse in volatility in the days that followed that spurred a sharp global equity market rally.

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The U.S. has voted—what’s next?

Nov 05, 2020 |Janet Engels & Tylar Lunke

Janet and Tylar discuss what’s going on in the markets as the election outcome plays out, and where investors should focus their attention from here.

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Election reaction - Quick takes on the market

Nov 04, 2020 |Elinesky Schuett Private Wealth Management
With votes still to be counted in key swing states with razor-thin margins, it looks like things are just beginning to get sorted out. But the equity market has been taking things in stride so far, and we explain why investors should do the same. Read...
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