In Conversation with Dian Chaaban - Episode 2

Nov 13, 2020 | Dian Chaaban


Second episode of 'In conversation with Dian Chaaban' with guest speaker, Shay Shatriya.

         Welcome to the second episode of ‘In conversation with Dian Chaaban’ a podcast in where I let you in on the very interesting conversations I am having with various colleagues, analysts, economists and topic experts. As an extension of my blog, Word on the Street, this podcast is intended to keep you in-the-know and informed with all things market, economy, money and wealth management related….with a few laughs and life hacks along the way.

          My next guest is Shay Shatriya. Shay is Director of Investment strategies for Russell Investments within the global client investment strategies team. His views not only help to guide Canadian multi-asset portfolios, but he serves as a key spokesperson communicating Russell Investments’ market outlook and positioning to retail and institutional investors. Shay is a regular guest on BNN Bloomberg TV and is often quoted in various publications such as the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, Morningstar and Reuters, among others.

Shay joined Russell Investments in 2005 as an investment analyst in Russell’s New York City office where he worked within the U.S. institutional analytics group. Prior to Russell Investments, Shay worked for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., also in New York City. His role there was portfolio analyst within their private wealth management group working with clients on investment strategy and asset allocation issues. Shay holds a B.S., Finance degree from Rutgers University.

     And while his expertise and knowledge is far reaching, he’s here to speak with us about a particularly spicy topic – market outlook in a post-US election environment – tune in to find out more by clicking the play button below.