Jan 31, 2014 | Dian Chaaban


Some of you know that in my spare time (ha) I’ve founded an exclusive and strategically crafted networking group of women entrepreneurs and professionals, appropriately labeled the Women of Ambition (WOA).
Through collaborative initiatives (click here for our seminar series), mutual referrals and creative networking, WOA provides members with invaluable inspiration and support for their personal and professional lives…and more interestingly, has provided a one-stop-shop for you all as my clients and friends should you ever need a trusted referral to a lawyer, accountant, naturopath, event planner, stylist, pro golfer, caterer, insurer, mortgage specialist, real estate agent, life or business coach, therapist, wine connoisseur, designer, organizer, nutritionist, banker, florist, photographer, promoter, etc (you get the idea).

Last night was our 2014 WOA Launch party and it was a huge hit - all the way from the classy decor to the live band, sweets table, awesome raffle and constant networking buzz. I want to extend another special thank you and shout out to Lynzie Kent (owner of Love by Lynzie & lead singer of Electric Blonde) and Lu Parkinson (owner of Style by Lu) for making the event so perfect.

Naturally, it was an exceptionally busy week so rather than humor you with my usual witty charm, I’ll leave you with an interesting football fact in the spirit of Super Bowl XL VIII weekend:

Did you know?

The football huddle was so unusual enough in the 1920s that it made fans at college games wonder what was going on and led to complaints about the game being slowed down. There are a few different stories about how it originated (in 1918 at Oregon State, in 1921 at the University of Illinois, in 1924 at Lafayette College), but it had first been used in the 1890s when Paul Hubbard, the quarterback for Gallaudet—a Deaf college in Washington DC, now a university—had his offense form a tight circle so they could discuss plays without the other team seeing what they were signing.

I’m just happy that the spirit of Super Bowl weekend miracles has made it somewhat less cold outside…it must be the brewing tension between Seattle and Denver.

Enjoy the weekend.


Dian Chaaban

Investment & Wealth Advisor

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