Best of 2015

Dec 31, 2015 | Dian Chaaban


Happy New Year!


2015 was an eventful news year, to say the least, and as we close the books on an impulsive year, we look ahead to the New Year with many opportunities. If you missed it earlier this month, click here to download my brilliant team’s annual publication: Global Insight – 2016 Outlook.


In a few short hours, 2015 will be over so I thought what better way to reflect on the year than through a compilation of top 10 lists to bring you the best of 2015?!


So, rather than the usual news feed, I’ve compiled a list of 2015’s best in (almost) every category for you – everything from the top movies, to the top business stories, top tax stories and even the top 10 selfies.


Leading the pack is the WOTS top 10 list of 2015’s best instigators – these were the top 10 notes that received the most responses and intrigue from you – my awesome readers.


  • Jan 23rd – Motion of the Ocean.
    Lots happened while I was cruising with my fellow top-performing colleagues on the RBC Performance Convention Cruise. In addition to being motion sick the entire time, the market showed similar signs of sickness with oil & the loonie dipping to new lows (then) and the BoC unexpectedly lowering its overnight rate target by 25 bps.
  • Feb 6th – Why didn’t they run?
    Super Bowl 49 was on the Sunday night and the sentiment of the week was that the Seahawks' decision to throw on second and goal at the 1-yard line, rather than running the ball, was the worst play call in NFL history.
  • Feb 20th – It’s obviously black & blue
    …is what I said when I pulled up the controversial dress that the world became divided on – is it black & blue or gold & white? For the record, it was black & blue.
  • March 6th – Valuable ass-ets
    Talking about Taylor Swift’s $40 million dollar insured legs was a great reminder to insure your biggest asset - which is your ability to work.
  • May 8th – Golf game
    I dust off my clubs and get back into the game – sharing my Iron Lady golf tips and likening them to smart investing tips and strategies
  • June 26th – For the kids
    Sharing my passion for financial literacy and educating those around me – young & old
  • July 3rd - Ωχ όχι!
    That’s Oh No! (pronounced OH-Hee) in Greek. On Tuesday that week, Greece failed to meet their June 30th debt obligation to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and we all thought it was big deal until China’s woes surfaced.
  • July 17th – An Apple a day
    Writing to you from the RBC Dominion Securities office in Collingwood we talked about the so called “Great Canadian Non-Recession” after the Bank of Canada cut rates again for the second time this year moving the overnight lending rate from 0.75% to 0.50%.
  • August 14th – conquering fears
    Mark faces his fears as we do the Edge Walk along the CN tower and I draw some interesting parallels with China as the world watched the yuan devalue for three consecutive days.
  • Sept 18th - Stocks, Suits, Scotch
    The annual stocks, suits, scotch event was another hit this year – if you missed it, we’ll see you Sept 2016!
  • Nov 27th – Casper the friendly ghost
    I confess to still having a blackberry (the iphone is in the works!) and buying a new breed of mattress – Casper. Which is hands down the BEST bed I’ve ever slept on.

So, that’s it for this year. It’s hard to believe another year will soon be behind us and that means, among other things, that I'm a year older (and so are you). Looking ahead in 2016, my terrific Associate, Noushin, and I will once again enjoy helping you in any way we can to secure and enhance your future.


Thank you for another fantastic year - we wish you and those you love all the very best for a happy, healthy and successful New Year.