Monthly Newsletter: Portfolio Advisor - April 2024

April 16, 2024 | de Mello Wealth Management


Monthly Newsletter: Portfolio Advisor - April 2024

RBC Global Insight Monthly - April 2024

I am pleased to share the latest investment strategy report from RBC Wealth Management—Global Insight, which provides our current thoughts on asset classes, the economy, and timely issues that impact investment strategy. This month’s highlights include:

High expectations

It appears equity investors see clear sailing ahead. The S&P 500 and all other major indexes are at or have recently set new highs. And market “breadth” has led the way. The majority of large-cap stocks have been moving higher, not just the so-called “Magnificent 7.” Expectations for rate cuts are fueling the advance.

Global fixed income: The stage is set

Global central banks took center stage in March amid a flurry of highly anticipated meetings. Though much of the market’s focus remains on when rate cuts start, we see the issue of when they stop as of increasingly greater importance.

Regional commentary

Our regional analysts present their views of markets, as well as how to position portfolios.

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Women & Wealth: The future is female

Although inroads have been made, women still experience a significant gender wage gap across the world 

The ramifications of women ultimately taking bigger strides into their economic power are profound and far-reaching. Since women exercise their spending power in different ways, compared with their male counterparts, a shift of this magnitude has the potential to influence discretionary spending (e.g., retail, travel), health-care systems and services, and investing.

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Canada’s Housing Market Outlook

Mixed start to the spring housing market 

March brought a mixed bag of activity to Canada’s housing market. Resales continued to linger around February levels at the national level-still softer than activity that took place pre-pandemic.

As in recent months, activity was largely bogged down in Canada’s more expensive markets (including Toronto and Vancouver), where housing unaffordability is particularly acute. We suspect a standoff between (inflexible) sellers and (budget-constrained) buyers is developing. Widespread month-over-month drops in new listings may be a restraining factor as well.

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The Great Rebuild

Seven ways to fix Canada's housing shortage 

Too many Canadians are struggling to find a home they can afford—making housing a defining issue of this country’s politics and economics. The crisis now affects middle-income Canadians and extends beyond major cities. It strikes at the core of the Canadian dream of owning a home and is creating intense inter-generational tensions.

This predicament will reach even more alarming levels if not enough is done now. More than half—one million—of 1.9 million new households by 2030 will not be able to buy a home, according to our estimates. That’s equivalent to almost all the households in Atlantic Canada right now.

This report will look at the five phases that led to Canada’s housing crisis, how the challenges are being addressed, and what are the best solutions going forward.

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Global currency outlook - Spring 2024

Elevated U.S. dollar defies long-term headwinds 

RBC Global Asset Management remains bearish on the U.S. dollar, with our outlook premised on long-term headwinds. A combination of major factors should cause the dollar to decline over the next several years: the currency’s overvaluation, a reversal of capital inflows and the erosion of U.S. fiscal credibility. We expect the early beneficiaries of such dollar weakness to be the euro and the Canadian dollar, while the yen and British pound lag. Emerging-market currencies may initially be held back by central-bank rate cuts but will eventually be buoyed by widespread weakness in the greenback.

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Complimentary Second Opinion Service

Helping your family build, manage and protect your wealth 

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, part of a large family, or a high net-worth retiree / pre-retiree, you may have to manage financial issues that others don’t; This could include inheritances, assets in trust, complex tax planning, or a family vacation property. Perhaps you’d like to put your finances into greater context with your family’s savings, estate and business planning goals. Whatever your personal situation, we are here to help, with a comprehensive review that can ensure your wealth remains “all in the family.”

Our review process typically looks at both your investment portfolio and your overall wealth planning. This way, we can assess your financial situation in the context of your personal tax situation, savings goals, the time you have to invest and other factors such as your insurance coverage or charitable intentions.

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