Monthly Newsletter: Portfolio Advisor - July 2023

July 13, 2023 | de Mello Wealth Management


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Global Insight 2023 - Midyear Outlook

The resilient U.S. economy has continued to avoid a recession, but for how long? Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate plans amid nagging inflation stand to hold sway over markets as the rest of the year unfolds. This special 2023 Midyear Outlook showcases RBC Wealth Management’s unique perspectives that can help to navigate the road ahead while identifying the catalysts and opportunities to optimize portfolios.

Rallies, recessions, and realistic thinking

While the S&P 500’s surge over the past nine months has rekindled investor optimism, it doesn’t feel to us much like the start of a new bull market, but rather much more like the last leg of the current rally. Whichever it is, the market is certainly in a different place today. While this advance should have further to go into the summer, the economy will likely set the market’s path for the coming 12 months.

The “year of the bond” hasn’t been much of a year at all

While it’s been an underwhelming year for bonds, yields have rarely appeared more attractive and we look at what this unique position spells for investors.

U.S. recession scorecard: On the path to a U.S. recession

The strong May payrolls report did not stop the unemployment rate from surging to its highest point in this cycle. Our overall analysis of leading economic indicators continues to suggest a recession is approaching.

Regional commentary

Our regional analysts present their views of equity and fixed income markets, currencies, and commodities, as well as how to position portfolios.

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Advice Event: Economic & Market Outlook

Recession, Inflation & Interest Rates….and Opportunities

When: Thursday, July 27th @ 12:00pm – 12:30pm PST

Where: Virtual Event - Hosted via Cisco Webex

Guest Speaker: Jim Allworth, Chief Investment Strategist

Please join us for this timely advice event, featuring Chief Investment Strategist for RBC Dominion Securities, Jim Allworth. We will be discussing what has transpired in the economy and markets over the past year, and what to expect moving forward. We will also share specific measures that we are taking within our own portfolios to ensure clients are properly positioned to take advantage of market opportunities, while also maintaining a slightly defensive posture.

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Audio: Insights on the Economy, Markets, and Matters Beyond Wealth

RBC Global Asset Management: Economic Outlook – Summer 2023: Chief Economist Eric Lascelles shares his perspective on the health of the U.S. banking system, the risk of recession, generative AI and more.

The 10 Minute Take: Grocery Inflation: What’s causing prices for food to stay high? And moving forward, what are some of the challenges that will continue to put pressure on food prices in the next decade?

Matters Beyond Wealth – Art: Planning for the future of your art collection in your estate

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