Monthly Newsletter: Portfolio Advisor - November 2022

November 14, 2022 | de Mello Wealth Management


Views on the global financial markets and insights on managing your wealth.

I am pleased to share the latest investment strategy report from RBC Wealth Management—Global Insight, which provides our latest thoughts on asset classes, the economy, and timely issues that impact investment strategy. This month’s topics include:

Global Insight Monthly – November 2022

China charts its course through turbulence and transformation: The Communist Party of China recently wrapped up its twice-a-decade congress where it set the future policy agenda to confront sagging growth and nurture high-quality development. We reflect on the outcome of the 20th Party Congress and what it means for investors.

U.S. recession scorecard - Recession probabilities moving higher: Three of our seven leading indicators continue pointing to a growing likelihood of a U.S. recession next year, while most of the others are moving slowly in the wrong direction.

Global equity: Room (for now) for some upside: Most major equity markets rallied into November, but with a U.S. recession looking increasingly likely, can this advance keep going into the new year? We review key factors that are likely to impact markets over the coming months.

Global fixed income - Are we there yet?: Central banks are taking different roads to the fight against inflation, even if it means hitting a pothole en route.

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Advice Event: The Path Forward – Canadian equities and fixed income

Thursday, December 1st @ 1pm – 1:30pm

Via Cisco Webex

Please join us for this special event where we will be joined by two members of RBC's Portfolio Advisory Group to discuss the path forward for Canadian equity and fixed income markets.

It has been a challenging year across most market sectors - The goal of this presentation is to provide investors with a clear understanding of where things currently stand, and our forecast of what to expect in 2023 and beyond. For Canadian equites, there will be a particular focus on the financial and energy sector. For fixed income, there will be a focus on interest rate and inflation expectations for 2023, along with current opportunities in the bond market. 

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Real Estate: Quiet fall Hosing Market Across Canada

Soaring interest rates keep markets’ temperature down this fall and activity remains well below pre-pandemic levels in most markets. Prices are softening further from peaks reached earlier this year; However, declining price trends broadly moderated in October. RBC Economics expects the market will stay generally soft over the coming months

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The Next Green Revolution: How Canada can produce more food and fewer emission

The world’s food systems are in crisis. Global food demand is set to soar as the population rises to 9.7 billion in 2050—a 26% jump. At the same time, climate change is disrupting the agricultural productivity of many major producers and the war in Ukraine has cut off the flow of fertilizer and food to key markets.
As a major global agricultural producer, Canada has both a responsibility to help alleviate the global food crisis and an opportunity to expand our presence in international markets. To accomplish this, we’ll need to produce more food, with fewer emissions.
The Next Green Revolution, a new report from RBC Economics and Thought Leadership, BCG Centre for Canada’s Future and Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph, explains the scale of the challenge and how we can confront it.

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Market Volatility Hub

What to do when markets are volatile

Market volatility is an inevitable part of investing. Geopolitical events, like the invasion of Ukraine, inflationary pressures and changes in interest rates are some of the many reasons that cause markets to fluctuate, sometimes drastically.

When markets shift, particularly when they drop quickly, it can be hard not to react. But history shows you will more likely achieve your long-term investment goals if you have a plan and stick to it through all types of market conditions. This may sound easy, but investors have been put to the test in recent times. Veering off course from a carefully thought-out plan can have long-reaching consequences. It can turn a temporary loss of confidence into a realized loss on an investment portfolio.

Please visit the following link for strategies, historical context, and additional reference points on dealing with periods of market volatility.

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Financial Literacy: “Phishing” Emails

How to avoid “phishing” emails and cyber fraud

Phishing is the cybercriminal behaviour of sending emails purporting to be from legitimate companies that induce individuals or businesses to reveal personal, financial or business information, such as passwords, account and credit card numbers. These fake emails can be difficult to recognize as fraudulent, but there are certain things you should look out for.
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