Complimentary Insurance Review

February 25, 2019 | Thomas De Mello


Most Canadians understand that they need insurance; however, many don't understand all the advantages that insurance can provide or the various options available. Our complimentary insurance review ensures that your coverage is appropriate for you.

Complimentary Insurance Review

Most Canadians understand that they need insurance; however, many don't understand all the advantages that it can provide or the various options available. Through our complimentary insurance review, our team will provide the following:  

  • Detailed review your current situation to determine the appropriate amount and type of coverage needed
  • Review any existing policies and and explain if it is, or isn't, appropriate for your circumstances. 
  • Overview of the various options available along with their advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain the fine print, removing the guess-work so you can feel good about your coverage.


Three Advantages of Life Insurance: 

Wealth Creation: Life insurance, in this context, is used to create wealth that would have otherwise been created if not for the premature death of a financially contributing spouse.

Estate Preservation: This type of strategy is the most cost-effective method of funding the tax liability associated with the disposition of assets at death.

Tax-exempt Investing: Certain Strategies and products enable you to use insurance as a tax-exempt investment that complements your existing portfolio. You can reallocate a portion of your fixed-income investments into a tax-exempt policy, therefore effectively eliminating future taxation on that portion.


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Insurance solutions are offered at RBC Dominion Securities through RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc., the most comprehensive wealth management organization in Canada, providing access to:

  • A Canada-wide team of passionately dedicated, highly professional and accredited Estate Planning Specialists / Financial Security Advisors
  • Dedicated experts that provide the best advice, service and assistance possible
  • Product offerings from Canada’s leading insurance companies

These professionals focus on the strategic solutions obtainable by utilizing life and living benefits insurance, annuities and segregated funds and by offering their independent knowledge and advice in order to deliver and execute key solutions for your insurance needs. We know that the most important factor is our ability to add value and are dedicated to helping you build your wealth and live the way you want to.

Simply put, you deserve to Get the most out of life. As your advisor, I will engage with you to discuss your current and long-term planning needs and ensure you are properly protected. Whether related to the creation, protection or transfer of wealth, I will partner with these experts, as needed, to deliver you with comprehensive solutions for your personal and / or corporate wealth management needs